Online initiatives for refugees in Germany

    Free Wifi? 
    Apps for refugees are well and good, but an app doesn't work without Internet access. According to an interview by the regional radio program Funkhaus Europa, several public areas in the town of Witten actually have access to free wifi. This service has its origins with a group who call themselves 'Freifunk', which roughly translates to 'free-airwaves'.  

    by Sella Oneko

    What Freifu
    nk essentially does is offer free wifi to people in public places. More recently they have been aiming their efforts towards helping refugees and have installed free wifi networks in asylum-seeker and refugee homes. 

    Here's how it works: members can install an extra wifi router in their home and connect it to their internet connection. This then creates a separate and public wifi access point that allows people in the area to use the Internet. For a better understanding of what's behind the initiative, we spoke to Andre Schmidt who is part of Freifunk Hamburg. 

    Andre Schmidt Freifunk Hamburg
    by Sella Oneko

    To give you an insight into Freifunk's current reach in Germany,  here is a map that @Freifunk shared through their twitter account.