The Challenge

As the media landscape continues to evolve, publishers are under pressure to do more with less and find new ways to monetize their audience.

The Solution

ScribbleLive helps media organizations drive new business opportunities by equipping them with the data they need to better understand their audience, deliver fresh approaches to storytelling, and execute efficiently.

Deliver Innovative Storytelling

Create Dynamic Live Experiences

Bring your breaking news or vertical coverage to life with unique, engaging content experiences.

Leverage the Best Talent

Create original content (infographics, videos, micro-content) that breaks through by working with top creative professionals.

Tap Into the Power of UGC and Social

Engage and invite your audience to share their content and tell unique stories.

Do More with Less

Expand Your Coverage

Curate content streams from leading media and brand publishers for events you’re not able to cover directly.

Save Time Publishing

Help your team work more efficiently with the ability to publish to any social platform or CMS, from one central place.

Streamline Your Editorial Process

Make it easy for multiple journalists to contribute to the same story with collaboration and resource management tools.

Find New Revenue Streams in Your Content

Repackage Your Content

Use a variety of topics and resources to create effective content that can be repurposed and republished for sponsorship opportunities.

In-line Advertising

Your content is rife with new revenue opportunities. Leverage your content’s authority to integrate in-line ads or sponsored messages.

Content Syndication

Reach new audiences by syndicating your content to a network of leading media and brand publishers.

The leading content cloud for media publishers

Our content cloud is designed to help you effectively plan, create and distribute your content. All in one place.

Our Products

How ScribbleLive is Helping Media Organizations Drive New Business Opportunities

“The ability for in-stream ads where you can distribute local ads even when it's a national blog … was very appealing as well as an instant revenue opportunity.”

– Ross Maghielse, Audience Development Strategist, CBS Local

“The ScribbleLive coverage both complemented and harnessed the work of our TV colleagues, an example of a modern integrated newsroom.”

– Thomas Seymat, Digital Platforms journalist, Euronews

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