Create high-impact content that fuels successful account-based marketing programs.

An effective account-based marketing approach requires content that performs. From using AI tools for research, to visual and interactive content solutions that allow you to repurpose your existing content, we’ve got you covered.


Use AI to Perform ABM Research

ABM involves a lot of research, and in order to perform that research effectively, you’ll need to streamline the process—especially when traditional marketing campaigns and deadlines march on.

Consider using an AI-powered tool to gather market insights—and save you time. By using a tool like this, you’ll have total insight into industry and competitive trends, which can fuel the content you create for your ABM program.

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Create Content that Supports Your ABM Program

Once you’ve performed your research—and saved some time with AI—you’ll be ready to dig into the actual content creation, which can be overwhelming at first.

If you’re working with limited resources, consider outsourcing the development of some of your content, like an infographic or video.

Another option? Take content that you already have and repurpose it into something else—whether it’s a white paper that can be tailored into a more snackable infographic, or lengthy research that can be repurposed into a quiz or assessment.

Learn how you can extend the value of your content by repurposing it into an interactive experience.


Use Live Events in Your ABM Strategy

While traditional content for ABM, like infographics and white papers, work well, why not consider going outside of the traditional content box?

Direct mail kits are a common approach here, but hosting a live event is an even more unique way to engage your audience—whether it’s virtual or in-person.

Launching a new product? Invite accounts to join you at a launch party event, where you’ll share the features and benefits. Buzzworthy topic making the rounds? Host a get-together where you watch a webinar on the subject as a group and network together.

This option gives a human element to your ABM approach—offering the opportunity to associate a person with your brand.