Our consulting services are here to maximize the value of your content marketing strategy. We provide insights through data science and help you source great content. Our platform complements your existing strategy and helps your team create amazing content to maximize impact with your target audience.

We work with you as an outsourced partner and provide our expertise to help you navigate through the entire content marketing lifecycle. We can help you plan, create, distribute and measure content so that you can achieve real business objectives. Whether your needs are simple ad hoc services or complex and require deep strategic thinking, our consulting services can help you take the next step and deliver measurable results.

Insights one time reporting

Are you already running your own content marketing campaigns or are you still in the planning phase? Our Insights platform is a unique service that helps you construct a compelling content marketing strategy to deliver results on your overarching business objectives. Insights identifies topical themes, channels and influencers so that you can curate the types of content that will make the largest impact on your brand.

Our patented Insights technology uses natural language processing to interpret the meaning behind what people are saying. This data presents the topics that are trending, the messages that are resonating, and the opportunities worth exploring.

This service includes client consultation, access to professional research analysts, training and assistance when creating queries, and a one time report clearly displaying all of the findings.

Content Services

A successful content marketing strategy requires you to provide your website, your channels and your targeted influencers with the types of quality content that add real value. Many companies work in earnest to internally manage their own content marketing efforts but simply lack the bandwidth to make a significant impact. Our packages keep content flowing and more importantly, keep the right types of content flowing in order to make a real impact on your core business objectives.

Our outsourced content services team will work hand in hand with your team to model the right messages and discuss formats that include long form articles, listicles, infographics, videos and more.

This service includes client consultation, monthly content contributions, graphic design, writing, editing, approvals, quality assurance and production (if applicable).

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