White Paper: How to Measure Success in Content Marketing

Tips, tricks and best practices around content engagement with the ScribbleLive platform.

How to Measure Success in Content Marketing

An approach to content engagement from ScribbleLive.
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Content marketing is here to stay.

Ninety-five per cent of CMOs believe content marketing is important to their business. Thirty-three per cent said it was “extremely important.” In fact, only one person, out of 200, said that it was not important at all.

Some Key Points

  • “Likes” have an intrinsic value. It is better to have more likes than fewer, but tying a like to a busi- ness goal is extremely difficult.
  • It is useful to think about what metrics actually achieve. In one end of the pool are clicks, likes, favorites, retweets, pageviews, loops, plays — anything that can be done almost without thought.
  • Engagement requires planning, creating, tracking, gathering, analyzing and nurturing.
  • First, you need an audience to engage with. This is challenging, but building up a readership or viewership through good, relevant content is the very first step.
  • The more engaged a prospective client is, the further down the sales process they are likely to go.