Infer uses super smart machine learning to analyze customer behavior and help B2B companies do a better job identifying leads that are likely to turn into customers. While high-flying startups like Optimizely, HubSpot, and Zenefits have jumped on board, understanding the power of Infer’s intent data is a stumbling block with some potential customers. “At a very granular level, we focus on educating audiences about this new space,” explains Sean Zinsmeister, director of product marketing at Infer. That’s why Infer turned to ScribbleLive Visually to produce an eBook to explain some of these concepts and help customers understand how they’re relevant.


“We had a 10-20 page ebook that would have stumped our internal teams and other vendors,” explains Zinsmeister. “Given our education needs and complex use cases, we couldn’t afford to take any chances.”

Because visual content can take a lot of honing to meet the goals of conveying information well and staying on brand, Zinsmeister places heavy emphasis on project management capabilities when choosing a content partner.

“There were too many moving parts. Visually allowed us to move faster. I could instantly ask questions, organize all feedback in one place, and maintain a one-to-one relationship with each contributor without an added account management layer. I didn’t have to fish through emails, despite the extensive iteration that was required for the project. This value-add was huge, and allowed us to bring our ebook to market faster.”


“For this particular ebook, we’re still measuring our lead generation and nurturing outcomes,” says Zinsmeister. “While it’s too early to gauge results on that front, we have received quite a bit of unsolicited feedback from customers, connections, second-degree connections, and influencers.”

“Very few people speak the language of data scientists,” says Zinsmeister. “Visually helped us create an asset that left everyone in our audience nodding their heads.”