Trapit enables the Global Technology Services Team (GTST) of a long-established Fortune 100 company to share the right content with their buyers and see stellar results.

Before implementing Trapit, the GTST had already begun experimenting with social selling, but had mixed results because of an incomplete and inconsistent approach across thousands of sales reps in 63 countries.

The GTST implemented Trapit to help their global team engage and educate buyers across countries and in several languages.

The result: Not only do the reps feel better equipped and more successful, but they also are seeing tangible results, including more opportunities and a better close rate.

Delivering Content to Drive Success

For many years, GTST’s primary clients were IT departments, but the group found that they needed to engage more stakeholders at their target accounts.They needed to build relationships with the CMO, the Head of HR, etc. To do so, they needed be where their buyers were. The inside sales team needed to evolve into a digital sales team.

The GTST sales leaders understood that content would play an important role in the sales cycle. Reps would need relevant content to establish their domain expertise. However, when they surveyed their digital sales team, they found that content was one of their biggest pain points. 50% of the team said that they lacked the right marketing materials for conversations with buyers.
That’s why GTST sought a platform that enabled them to:

  • Discover third-party content
  • Create a content library that mixes the company’s content with third-party content
  • Make it simple for sales reps to share content with customers
  • Measure the effectiveness of their digital sales efforts

Rather than hire a team of content scavengers, who comb the internet and paste links into emails, the GTST sales leadership turned to Trapit to simplify processes and deliver content to their sales team in a manageable way.

The Social Selling Platform from Top to Bottom

Trapit played a key role in GTST’s social selling efforts, providing a way to:

  • Build a social content library
  • Research market trends, competitors, target companies, and prospective customers on the web and on social
  • Attract and engage new buyers
  • Build long-term customer relationships
  • Increase revenue
  • Measure and optimize social engagement
  • Receive end-to-end training and support

The Result: A Program That Scales and Drives Revenue

When the GTST team started with Trapit, they worked with our Customer Success team to add their company’s content and start curating third-party content. With a healthy content library built, they deployed Trapit to 25 digital sales reps. Three months later, the program had scaled to 1,100 sales reps.

“I definitely use Trapit’s social content library. It saves me 9.5 hours a week in finding content for my sellers.” – A GTST Marketing Segment Manager

And their efforts are working. Buyers were reading their content. By month five, GTST reps had generated close to 400,000 clicks on content shared from the Trapit platform. By month nine, GTST had seen a 26% increase in opportunity creation, and an 11% increase in closed deals.

“This is a remarkably easy way to create content for the outside world… I feel that the more we [at GTST] share, the higher the chances of it becoming viral and one day trending on multiple social networks.” – A GTST Sales Rep

Now, the GTST’s social selling platform of record, Trapit, is deployed to more than 3,000 sales reps, with many more expected.