ScribbleLive Unveils New Product, Empowering Media and Brands to Manage and Scale Community Generated Content


Community Content by ScribbleLive enables companies to seamlessly integrate user-submitted photos, videos, and multimedia into their online and on-air channels.

May 21, 2014—Toronto—ScribbleLive, provider of the leading end-to-end content engagement platform, today announced the release of Community Content—a turnkey system enabling media and brands to collect, moderate, and publish user-generated multimedia. Using Community Content by ScribbleLive, companies can seamlessly integrate photos, videos and multimedia submitted by users via e-mail, mobile, and social media into their online and on-air channels.

“The convergence of mobile and social media has inspired a big shift in the way consumers interact with content. Audiences no longer just read content, they want to participate in a community by creating, sharing and engaging with it,” said Vincent Mifsud, CEO, ScribbleLive. “Community Content by ScribbleLive allows companies to invite their audience directly into the content engagement lifecycle by letting them actively participate in the creation process.”

“Even before smartphones were the primary touchpoint for our audience with Journal Broadcast Group’s local brands, we were enabling the easy acquisition of mobile content from our community,” Michael Gay, Vice President of Interactive Media Journal Broadcast Group. “Community Content Powered by ScribbleLive helps us to further accelerate our growth and bring the mobile audience closer to our television and radio stations nationwide.”

Community generated content is quickly becoming a key pillar of publishing, thanks to the ubiquity of social media.  Brands are using community generated content to build engagement throughout the entire customer journey, while media companies are constantly curating user submitted updates and photos to enhance breaking news coverage.

“What we are seeing is the evolution of the digital media community.  As people seek more relevant social engagement and a voice in the creative process, the line that separates the content creator from the content consumer is becoming increasingly blurred” said Steve Sabato, Vice President, News WWSB. “Community Content by ScribbleLive empowers our content efforts and helps us build long-lasting and profitable relationships with our audience.”


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