Scribble Technologies Inc. Launches ScribbleLive Enterprise, the Most Comprehensive Content Engagement Platform Available


October 23, 2014—TORONTO—Scribble Technologies Inc. (Scribble), makers of the leading end-to-end content engagement platform, today announced the launch of ScribbleLive Enterprise—the most comprehensive content engagement platform available on the market today. This new product allows agencies, publishers and brands to marry their content creation and distribution with deep business analytics and audience profiling.

“Traditional models of engaging customers are rapidly dying and marketers are figuring out that great content is the only currency for engagement,” said Vincent Mifsud, CEO of Scribble. “In order to optimize content and extract value for the business, marketers must understand the performance of their content at a glance, including which pieces of content and which channels are driving engagement. ScribbleLive Enterprise is the first product to let marketers answer these questions for themselves in a single, unified platform.”

Numerous studies have underscored the fact that marketers have trouble tying content to business performance.

According to a 2013 study by the Content Marketing Institute, 86% of B2C and 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing, but only 27% say they are tracking it efficiently.
According to a July 2014 report from Forrester, 85% of content marketers fail to connect content activity with business value
According to a May 2014 report from Altimeter Research, 70% of content marketers lack a consistent or integrated content strategy

“In order for Bayer to maintain our leadership position in a dynamic and changing sector, it is imperative for us to produce high quality thought leadership content that engages not just our customers but also interested stakeholders in society as a whole,” said Christian Klemm, Social Media Expert, Bayer Crop Science Communications. “ScribbleLive has been highly supportive for us to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.”

ScribbleLive Enterprise is unique in the marketplace and allows marketers to:

Tie content to business goals

For the first time, content marketers can quickly and easily review dashboards that allow them to see top performing content at a glance. Content goals can be defined by the user based on specific conversion goals that are tied to specific pieces of content. Moreover, marketers are able to access analytics to slice and dice content performance across twenty two different dimensions, to easily find out which pieces of content, and which classes of content, are driving business results.

Create Compelling Content

ScribbleLive Enterprise supports the most comprehensive spectrum of content creation available today. Marketers can create custom real-time content, social walls, long form articles, curate content from all major social networks, drive user generated content, and access content from leading global partners like Getty Images and Reuters Images. With integrated workflow and approvals, content teams can easily collaborate in real-time to create best-in-class content that drives engagement. The result is the broadest and most seamless content creation experience available in the market today.

Distribute content to the web, mobile, social and in-venue with one click

ScribbleLive Enterprise makes it incredibly easy to create compelling visualizations of content that can be published with a single click, in real-time to owned, earned and paid media. In addition, a robust set of API’s provides complete access to all content within the platform, allowing for limitless creativity in the display and distribution of engaging content. Create once, publish anywhere.

Use Rich Tools to Deepen Audience Engagement

Across all channels, marketers can marry engagement tools to any piece of content. Using comments, discussions and polls, brands and publishers can deepen audience engagement and take the pulse of their viewers. These tools can also be used in real-time and in-venue, with selected functionality also available via SMS.

Integrate to Scribble Marketplace to increase reach

The ScribbleLive Content Network powers content to over 50 million unique visitors per month. The Scribble Marketplace provides a place to share and syndicate content with other content creators to create maximum leverage from content investments.

Scribble Enterprise is available today to help marketers achieve their content goals.


Scribble is the leading end-to-end content engagement platform that enables brands, sports organizations and media companies to drive engagement on their digital assets resulting in improved retention and acquisition of customers, fans and audiences. Scribble has an international network of customers including world-class brands: Bayer, CNN, ESPN, Fast Company, , ESPN, Ferrari, Mashable, Reuters, Rogers, Samsung, The Associated Press and hundreds of others. The company was founded in 2008 and has offices in Toronto, London, New York, Dubai and Melbourne. ScribbleLive is a Twitter Certified Product. For more information, visit