Scribble Technologies Inc. Launches ScribbleLive Corporate Edition, Next Generation Content Engagement Management Technology


Leading content engagement platform, Scribble Technologies inc., releases new product for business enterprises. 

Scribble Technologies Inc., the leading end-to-end content engagement platform provider, today announced the launch of ScribbleLive Corporate Edition—a next generation platform to unify the creation and distribution of content with deep business analytics and prospect profiling.

“ScribbleLive has always helped organizations use content in meaningful and engaging ways—media companies were early adopters as they rely on content as their core strategy. Now, corporations are also recognizing the powerful relationship between content engagement and building customer relationships,” said Vincent Mifsud, CEO of ScribbleLive.

According to a 2013 study by the Content Marketing Institute, 86% of B2C and 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing, but only 27% say they are tracking it efficiently. ScribbleLive Corporate Edition was developed to reconcile this disparity, enabling marketers to simultaneously increase engagement and ROI.

In today’s competitive marketplace, CMO’s are focused on tangible and outcome-based marketing. Our new product gives C-level executives unprecedented insight into the correlation between content marketing initiatives and return on investment.

ScribbleLive Corporate Edition lets marketing and sales teams:

Manage every step of the content lifecycle in one technology platform:

  •     Plan content strategy according to audience, geography, and demographic
  •     Create, streamline and simplify workflow with our content calendar, curation tools, and collaborative platform
  •     Distribute content on owned media and across your earned channels all at once
  •     Measure the success of content engagement strategies with our deep-insights analytics
  •     Gather demographic and other forms of information to build progressive profiling and help optimize future content engagement initiatives

Engage audiences and turn them into prospects to increase lead generation:

  •     Capture audience information and responses with native tools that integrate with the content created on our platform
  •     Pinpoint the content audiences find most engaging, identify what drives interaction, and zero in on the content that is best at converting visitors into prospects
  •     Engage visitors on site, and use that engagement data to create progressive prospect profiles that drive insight around your audience
  •     Easily import the leads into any CRM and segment them into the right marketing automation funnel

“Big data and Applied Analytics have completely transformed content marketing,” said Simon Chong, Partner at Georgian Partners, a growth-equity investment firm in Toronto and board member, ScribbleLive. “The actionable insights that can now be provided through advanced measurement will be fundamental to the future of marketing.”


About Scribble Technologies Inc.

Scribble is the leading end-to-end content engagement platform that enables brands, sports organizations and media companies to drive engagement on their digital assets resulting in improved retention and acquisition of customers, fans and audiences. Scribble has an international network of customers including world-class brands CNN, The Associated Press, Reuters, Rogers, Samsung, ESPN, Mashable, Fast Company, CNET and hundreds of others. The company was founded in 2008 and has offices in Toronto, London, New York, Dubai and Melbourne. ScribbleLive is a Twitter Certified Product. For more information, visit

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