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Best Practices

How To Create Compelling Content By Covering Trials and Press Conferences

A content strategy is an essential element within any marketing campaign. At Scribblelive we often say that content is the connective tissue that ties together business goals, creativity, workflow, as well as measurement and optimization. In this post we will analyse four examples of how Scribblelive was used by journalists Read more…

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An Example of Real Time Content Planning

On the 9th of April 2015, the Norwegian readers of Adresseavisen sipped their morning coffee surrounded by images of the Nazi army taking control of their city. This wasn’t a mistake or the action of some devious hackers, but one of the most accurate reenactments created by one of our Read more…

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Use Real Time Content to Improve Internal Communications

Internal communication is an important function within successful organizations. The concept was inserted into vocabulary beginning in 1943 when Alex Heron, associate professor at Stanford published the book ”Sharing Information with Employees”. At the end of the ’40s, researchers expanded upon the concept by identifying goals and criteria to improve Read more…

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Thought Leadership

How to Use Content to Clean Your Audience Data

Connecting with your audience requires lots of fresh content that is targeted to the right crowd. Regardless of the size of your budget or the reputation of your brand, you need quality content to make your message resonate. To improve your brand’s reach, you need to manage and increase the Read more…

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