It’s an exciting time for Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and ScribbleLive, as we’ll be joining forces to host the first-ever virtual Demand Generation Summit on October 31st. Along with seven other industry thought leaders, ScribbleLive’s Mary Ward and Chris Hart will be taking the stage during this half-day webinar event.

There’s a ton of learning in store at this Summit, but we know you’re busy (especially with trick-or-treating and other sugary and/or spooky festivities surrounding that day). If you can’t catch every session live on the 31st, register anyway, and you’ll be provided with links to watch on-demand.

What You’ll Learn at the Demand Generation Summit

In the meantime, as you’re penciling in the Summit on your calendar, we’ve rounded up the three major concepts you’ll take away from our session (we’re up second in the lineup, after Robert Rose and Don Peppers).

How to Take Your Content from Average to Amazing

The need for content that engages, enriches, and creates value for audiences before they become interested buyers has never been clearer,” writes CMI Chief Strategy Officer Robert Rose in his 2018 Market Brief, “Using Content Marketing to Generate Demand, Create New Audiences.”

Rose’s insight in the Market Brief forms the foundation of the Demand Generation Summit, and is a great resource for anyone responsible for content marketing efforts for their business. Our presentation will dive into the themes presented in the brief, starting with this one.

We’ve heard it a million times, but what does “quality content” really mean? How can we ensure that our content resonates with our audience, and more importantly, how can we use research to inform our content and audience development strategies?

CMI’s latest research report revealed that 90% of the most successful content marketers prioritize the audience’s informational needs over their sales/promotional message, and we’ll dive into how quality content plays a key role in that success. 

How to Use Advanced Data to Unearth Your Total Addressable Market

In an industry that’s perpetually changing, what were content marketers’ goals for 2018? Converting leads into customers, says HubSpot’s annual State of Inbound Survey.

This statistic lines up with CMI’s findings in the 2018 Market Brief, but also poses an interesting question.

  • Are we utilizing content marketing at all stages of the funnel for lead gen and demand gen?
  • And if not, would we uncover a new and different audience if we made a shift that was more inclusive of middle and late stage buyers?

We believe that answer is yes, and will dive into the concept of addressing your Total Addressable Market (TAM) to understand and fully utilize your audience potential.

Content Experimentation: The When, Why, and How

As marketers, we can get into content ruts. The same old pieces for the same old stages of the journey. A top-of-funnel infographic here and a late-stage eBook there. But what if we were to think a little outside of the box?

Rose writes in the Brief that “[…] some types of content get pigeonholed as being most effective in certain phases of the customer journey. There is no reason why marketers can’t experiment here.”

At the Summit give you 3 out-of-the-box thinking examples that you can build for different stages of the journey, including visual and interactive content options that will educate and engage your user.

Register for the Demand Generation Summit

Without an audience, content doesn’t connect. That’s why we’ve chosen to focus our presentation on the crucial concept of audience development. We’ll revisit why content matters in every stage of the journey, and why research is the continual key to strategy and understanding.

Ready to learn more? Sign up here to join us on October 31st. In addition to Robert Rose, we’ll be joined at the Summit by other industry experts such as Don Peppers, Andy Crestodina, and CMI’s Stephanie Stahl. These sessions will be chock-full of demand generation insight and tips for content marketing success.


Kate Mills is an Editorial Content Strategist at ScribbleLive.