Since the advent of digital marketing, technology has been a close friend of the industry; today, marketing rarely exists without it. Put marketing and technology together and you’ve cooked up an entire host of solutions that live beneath the colossal umbrella of “martech.”

Technology aids marketing through its vast capabilities, and has changed our entire marketing landscape—from the way we communicate and collaborate internally to the way we communicate with our audiences.

Although ion interactive has attended MarTech events on its own for many years, we’ll be attending this event for the first time as the ScribbleLive Content Cloud. As a team we’re excited to experience the latest and greatest in marketing technology, and also to share our updated offerings with the MarTech crowd in Boston.

We’re looking forward to lots of things during our trip next month (including a lobster roll or two), but here are three things that stand out.

#1: Getting to Know Other Marketing Technology Stacks—and Sharing Our Own

A marketing technology stack showcases the tools and platforms that a company uses to make their marketing efforts work. Last fall, ion interactive (a ScribbleLive solution) created their own “Stackie” to be considered for the 2018 Stackie Awards at MarTech West.

Since then, the ion Stackie has become a fantastic talking point in partnership conversations and serves as an interactive representation of how the ion marketing department functions on a day-to-day basis.

We love learning from other stackies and seeing how technologies interact with each other to fuel not only marketing-specific efforts, but sales, operations, and measurement, too.

Founding program chair Scott Brinker posted the rundown of this year’s Stackies on his blog—check it out to see ion’s entry, and spot us again in Cisco’s winning Stackie, where ion was featured for the second year in a row.

#2: Experiencing the MarTech Trends of Today

The leading keynote session by Scott Brinker will dive into the martech trends we can expect in 2019, with others focused on marketing in the age of GDPR, creativity in a data-driven world, and lessons learned from customer success stories. 

The martech scene expands just as quickly as technology alone, so we look forward to events that will challenge us and make us think more strategically about the future of our industry. Since ion attended MarTech West this past April, we’re anxious to see what trends have endured throughout the year, and what’s coming down the pike as we close out Q4.

#3: Talking TrendHub, an AI-Powered Solution

With key sessions at MarTech East like IBM’s Michael Trapani’s How AI Will Let Us Be Marketers Again, it’s clear that AI-powered technology will be at the forefront of MarTech.

ScribbleLive’s Director of Product Marketing Corinne Schmid, who will be attending MarTech East this year, is looking forward to learning more about the role of AI in marketing.

“We’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to the opportunity of AI in marketing. We’re starting with real-time predictive market intelligence to inform content strategy and fuel more meaningful customer interactions. As we become more advanced, AI will certainly optimize our marketing operations as it relates to personalization, account-based marketing, and even content generation,” she said.

With Adobe reporting that 31% plan to add AI in the next year, this conference focus is especially relevant. Fresh from Content Marketing World, we’ve just announced our latest product, TrendHub, an AI-powered content intelligence solution which provides sales and marketing with predictive trend, industry, market, and content intelligence.

It’s a powerful tool that supports your sales and customer teams (and even arms your corporate executives with up-to-the-nanosecond trends), and we’re excited to show you how it works at our MarTech booth. 

Meet Us at MarTech East

We’ll be at our booth from October 1-3 and look forward to meeting you there! If you’ll be attending MarTech, sign up for a demo of the ScribbleLive Content Cloud and meet the team who will be attending here.

Kate Mills is an Editorial Content Strategist at ScribbleLive.