Marketers are officially on notice. The crowded content marketplace, rapid shifts in consumer behavior and increasingly demanding audiences pose a new and complex set of challenges for marketing leaders and their teams.

Instead of focusing on a supposed “content shock” we might also consider this a moment of “content opportunity”: high-quality content coupled with an effective distribution and amplification strategy will continue to help marketers and businesses reach, grow and nurture their audience.

So how do you build, scale, and sustain a successful content operation? How do you effectively measure the impact of your marketing initiatives to justify the investments required to be visible and relevant in 2018?

Let’s face it: Content is King. But only if audiences can find it. Ideally, they should find it relevant, too and engage with it throughout the sales funnel and customer journey.

Take a look at “The Modern Marketer’s Guide to Content Creation” to learn how brands like Salesforce, Nike, Oracle and L’Oreal built a winning content creation process and explore options available to teams with leaner budgets.

You can also check out our global survey of SEO leaders and how they view the future of search.

Did you know that 60% of B2B marketers feel that their biggest struggle is producing engaging content?

Creating static content takes so much learning off the table. Was the report your visitors downloaded actually viewed and read? This ion interactive toolkit will help you identify easy opportunities to get started with by repurposing your existing content into richer, more compelling experiences.

Finally, don’t forget to connect with your customers directly – let them speak to their needs and drive trust and reach for your brand by leveraging their experience as part of your content strategy, whether through UGC, live chats or curating social content for truly engaging storytelling.

Learn more about some of the biggest trends in content reach and engagement to take your content marketing game to the next level by viewing our recent webinar.

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