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‘Twas the Week Before Christmas…

Twas the Week Before Christmas, and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring — except for a few trendy engineers!

As the year winds down, many see the coming holidays as a time to connect with loved ones, relax and reflect on the last 12 months.

Truth be told, I would love to revisit some of the great how-to’s that ScribbleLive has published over the past couple of quarters. I’ve taught you: how to improve your publishing efficiency; how to use Content Studio for social media publishing; all about our stream closure policy; and how to add your special fixin’s to your live stream. But, while I’m sure you wouldn’t mind a quick refresher, I know that we all have an inner child whose expectation is that this is the time of year for some sweet loot.

If you’re someone who’s in touch with their younger self, then I might have just the thing for you…

Unwrapping Some Presents

The Engage team has been working hard to deliver something unexpected — something that you’ll find in a familiar spot: the Discovery Hub (or Sidebar).

As I mentioned above, my last Thanksgiving-themed post looked at how you can build out a custom sidebar integration with the Discovery Hub.

The Discovery Hub is also where you can find content using the Getty Image Search tool, the ScribbleLive Marketplace syndicated stream feed, and various social network integrations, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. And although November’s blog focused on how to build your own integrations, I wanted to highlight something that we’ve built. Something you might find helpful, insightful and maybe even a little magical. We call it “Trend Insights”, and here’s where you can find it:

That said, having only seen the GIF, I don’t expect you to be “wowed”. If you’re a little bit of a Grinch (or a Scrooge), you might even ask, “What’s the big deal?” — and this is a sentiment I can forgive, since I haven’t yet told you why it’s so magical.

Here’s the Christmas secret: Trend Insights is powered by TrendSpottr, a predictive analytics company that was acquired by ScribbleLive earlier this year. It’s our very first integration, and while it only represents a portion of what TrendSpottr can do, we think you might find it pretty handy.

Visions of Sugar Plums

Still — I can hear you from here, “That’s great and all, but what does that mean? What does Trend Insights do?”

(Yes, that’s right, I can hear you remotely, in the past, as I type this.)

The key to what you’re able to do with Trend Insights lies in TrendSpottr’s raison d’être. TrendSpottr “predicts emerging trends, viral content and key influencers for any topic in real-time.” TrendSpottr uses a powerful algorithm that scours third party content from a variety of sources across the web in order to accurately identify and predict pieces of content that are about to go viral.

Trend Insights uses this same algorithm to find content related to search terms that you enter into the sidebar. From there, you can select from the articles and social posts it finds, adding particularly sweet finds to your live stream to boost audience interest and engagement.

We’ve built this out because we understand that one of the hardest parts of engaging an audience is ensuring that you deliver content that they find valuable. In the past, you may have spent a significant amount of time pouring over web search results in the hopes that you’ll be able to deliver a golden nugget of relevant material to your stream participants. This requires a lot of manual effort that might otherwise be spent preparing for or moderating your event. Our intent is to significantly reduce this effort, all from within the comfort of Content Studio.

So… are visions of Trend Insights dancing in your heads, yet?

Speak Not A Word, But Get Straight To Your Work

Maybe visions of Trend Insights haven’t yet replaced sugar plums, but that probably because we haven’t yet discussed how to take advantage of its capabilities.

Accessing Trend Insights is easy, as we’ve already shown you, and finding the right piece of content is equally simple!

As with our social media integrations for Twitter, Facebook, etc., the primary input for Trend Insights is the Search bar. This is where you can enter a keyword or phrase to find trending content relevant to your search. You can verify the popularity of content by viewing the recent social posts that have linked to it. In order to get the most out of the TrendSpottr algorithm, be specific, but not too detailed: the more words you use, the smaller the set of data Trend Insights has to work with. An easy example might be: “Christmas gifts”.

Once you’ve entered your keyword, finding the best piece of content is easy — but what if you need content in a specific language, or you’re not sure what to look for? Well, we’ve thought of that. Trend Insights lets you search across 10 different languages, and also lets you select from a series of topics that we’ve pre-identified as being something you might be interested in. Here’s how to use those filters:

The last filter we’ve included lets you search for different trending entities. Content is selected by default, but you can also identify trending #hashtags or influencers. You can’t add these directly to your stream (yet) but, when searching for a specific topic, these filters let you identify entities that you can add to your Automated Twitter feed, allowing you to include more relevant content with even less effort.

How can you get your hands on Trend Insights? The feature will launch in early Q1 2018, and we’re already accepting client requests for access to Trend Insights, once it launches. If you think Trend Insights would be a useful addition to your instance of Engage, please reach out to your Sales or Customer Success representative to discuss pricing and terms.

Now that you know what’s coming, I bet you’re looking forward to getting back to work in 2018 — right?

Or not 😉

“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

Lucan is a Senior Product Manager at ScribbleLive, the Engage live-blogging platform. He has a background in Big Data and Social Media Analytics and has held product roles at several Toronto-based startups in these industries.



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