If you’ve ever bought a dog or thought about buying a dog, you know just how tough it is to get buy-in from internal stakeholders. Parents, significant others and even landlords can be major obstacles in letting a canine friend move into your home.

Situations like these, when high-consideration products (or pets) are being evaluated, is where content marketing shines. With the right content, you can easily get all stakeholders, and potential dog-walkers, on board.

The right content can help a future dog owner identify which breed is right for them – for example: which dog is the most kid-friendly and which ones do well in smaller living spaces. And, once a dog has moved in, content marketing can also play a part in making the transition from a dog-unfriendly home to a dog-friendly home.

We put together this little video to showcase and explain the value of content marketing for high-consideration purchases. Check out how a little boy used content to convince his mom to buy a dog.