In ScribbleLive Engage, our real-time, interactive publishing product, you have the ability to integrate polls into all of our embeddable content experiences (which include live blogs, Q&As, social walls, content hubs, and timeline slideshows). In addition to driving engagement and increasing time spent on page, polls provide great utility in learning about your audience and their interests. In turn, this information equips you with the know-how to create content that is customer-centric and relevant to your target reader.


When polls are integrated into our content experiences, audiences spend more time on your content and on your website as a whole. Why is this? Well, on one level, polls take time to complete, so there could be added engagement levels because of that. On another level, however, a poll also makes your content about your audience, not yourself. By encouraging participation and reaction, content becomes more than a one-way channel of communication.

In addition to added engagement levels, polls are also great research tools. You can get a sense of your audience’s preferences and perceptions – both of which can be used to guide future content planning or even broader business decisions.

What / How

In ScribbleLive Engage’s content studio, it’s incredibly simple to create a new poll. In the content studio, select ‘create poll.’


From there, publishing a poll is a simple two step process of writing your question and answers. You can have as many answers as you’d like.


Once you’re questions and answers are set, click publish, and the poll will surface live to your front end experience for audiences to engage with.

What’s the experience like for the user? Well, check out a live poll below.