Marketing to Baby Boomers [Infographic]

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There are four living generations in America, and each has a different set of experiences and goals. To help marketers quickly get a frame of reference for each of them, this four-infographic series includes demographic information and background on Millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers, and Traditionalists. Here are some the basics on marketing to Baby Boomers:
Marketing towards Baby Boomers Blog
Baby Boomers want to be reminded of their accomplishments and look towards the future, not their age. Journalist Tom Wolfe called Baby Boomers the “Me Generation” after post-WWII economic prosperity gave Boomers an extended period self-fulfillment and self-realization. Baby Boomers were valued in their youth and want reassurance that their ideas are still valued now. Generally, they are great team players, love a little competition, and tend to be brand loyal. Marketers can reach this audience by appealing to their idealism and nostalgia and spotlighting their stories. A message that’ll motivate Baby Boomers: You are valued. You are needed.   Sarah Corley is a marketing specialist at the WSOL agency where she works with clients to deliver stellar results via social media strategy. She has Bachelor of Science degrees in graphic design, journalism and public relations. Professionally trained in singing and dancing, Sarah also enjoys creating mixed media art, cooking, and collecting Pantone Universe accessories.

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