How Data Science Powered the ScribbleLive CES 2016 Influence Report

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Building your brand’s reputation as a reliable source of information requires producing, publishing, and promoting great content that provides your target audience with real value. The most effective content is unique and dissects a topic or a theme in a way that other marketers have never considered.

However, today’s marketing landscape is becoming increasingly cluttered with content that beats a similar drum, and unique ideas are hard to come by. This is why data science is such an effective tool for marketers. You can use insights gleaned from your data analysis to produce a useful piece of content that tells a story through numbers, and most importantly, is completely unique.

Use Events Like CES For Content

Our team at ScribbleLive conducted a deep data dive and analyzed the attention paid to themes, products, and displays that headlined the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

CES is an internationally acclaimed technological trade show hosted annually at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Thousands of influential speakers and organizational representatives arrived in Las Vegas for CES 2016 to debut new products and make bold proclamations regarding future partnerships or visionary business endeavors that will dictate the future of their brands.

Using our data-driven platform, we created a list of topical queries for 17 product categories to gain insight into the thousands of discussions about CES between January 1st and January 8th. The platform probed content published to news sites and blogs, and also combed through social media channels to dissect reactions to event presentations, influential speakers, product displays, and brand announcements.

Spot The Trends Behind The Data

The platform assigned an influence score to each individual or organization based on the amount of attention their products, presentations, or statements earned during the tracked period of time. Our team extracted the influence scores assigned to the people or brands that were the highest ranked influencers prior to the event (the Pre-CES Influence Score), and compared those numbers to the amount of influence obtained during CES (the CES Influence Impact).

Using the data we assembled a unique piece of content that summarizes the most impactful individuals and brands that were featured at, or referenced to, during CES. The numbers tell an interesting story and shed light on the most popular consumer electronics that will be in high demand during 2016.

Data-driven software allows marketing teams to dig deep into an event and produce content to tell a story that others are unable to tell. Want to use our case study as a template for your own data-driven marketing campaigns?for the headlines and complete analysis.

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