5 Can’t Miss Content Marketing Articles

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Each week, we select and summarize five content marketing articles for easy skimming. Enjoy this week’s roundup!

1. How to Define The Content Marketing Metrics that Matter [Oracle]

  • Measurement is a critical component of your content marketing strategy
  • Extract insights from data and use the results to optimize your content strategy
  • Remember to align your content with your business objectives so that you make the right decisions
  • Use your brand’s key performance indicators (KPIs) to track the effectiveness of your content throughout the funnel

2. What’s the difference between content marketing and native advertising? [Your Story]

  • Native advertising tells audiences who you are but content marketing convinces prospects to become customers
  • Advertising is about getting out the message while content marketing is about building relationships
  • People are developing built-in ad blocks, which makes engaging and relevant content more important for engagement
  • You rely on external media with native advertising but you own your content marketing channels

3. Is Your Content Working Better for Someone Else? [Search Engine Watch]

  • Google’s ranking algorithm is not perfect and is frequently unable to scrape original sources of content
  • Sites that copy content can potentially outrank the original published source
  • This can damage the original site’s rankings, reduce search visibility and lower potential leads
  • Due to these potential SEO disruptions, it’s critical for marketers to monitor their own content after hitting publish

4. This Week in Content Marketing: Content Marketing Technology Investments Top $1 Billion [CMI]

  • The content marketing industry is projected to generate up to $313 billion in revenue in 2019
  • Over $1 billion of venture capital has been invested in content marketing technology since 2006
  • However, only 17% of brands have successfully used content to influence the customer lifecycle
  • 41% of brands are still in the early stages of content marketing or have no plans to invest in the industry

5. Google Wants You To Stop Relying On App Interstitials

  • Google understands that consumers want access to quality content marketing
  • Google wants to penalize sites that rely on mobile interstitials (pop-ups and overlays)
  • Users find interstitials interruptive and sites that rely on these pop-ups will not pass Google’s mobile friendly tests
  • This will affect mobile rankings of websites that utilize interstitials

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