5 Can’t Miss Content Marketing Articles

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1. Infusing Your Content With Humour

  • Millennials and digital natives are often suspicious of advertisers and reject interruptive ads
  • Focus on earning a person’s attention through two-way dialogue instead of buying it
  • Develop a relationship with your audience over time through authenticity and personality
  • Consider including elements of humour throughout your content to engage your audience

2. Should Public Relations Claim Control of Content Marketing? [Jeff Bullas]

  • Content marketing is a common strategic approach for a brand’s development and reputation management
  • Storytelling has traditionally been the prime function of public relations, so it is natural for PR to head up content marketing
  • Storytellers must understand the nature of stories which need to be told to enhance a brand’s reputation

3. Data is the Next Big Thing in Content Marketing [Harvard Business Review]

  • Ads are declining in effectiveness, and companies are turning to content marketing for results
  • Companies are now seeing themselves not just as advertisers, but as content producers and publishers
  • Data journalism remains under-used by brands to create engaging content
  • Consider using data to offer some wealth back to your audience in the form of original content

4. Is ROI Really What You’re Looking For? [CMI]

  • The massive shift towards content marketing has forced marketers to take another look at their definition of ROI
  • The goal remains the same: Maximize the profitable return on the investment in marketing effort
  • Problem with ROI in campaign-focused marketing is that it encourages underperformance
  • If marketing’s goal is to maximize ROI, the incentive to try something new is minimal, as people want to stick with what works

5. Insights from Content Marketing World 2015 [B2C]

  • Many content marketers struggle with developing a solid content strategy, because they value quantity over quality
  • Marketers must ask themselves why they are doing content marketing in the first place, before creating a strategy
  • Content creators should not be afraid to get creative and ugly (before editing) when creating content
  • If you don’t take chances with your content, you won’t improve

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