5 Can’t Miss Content Marketing Articles

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Each week, we select and summarize five content marketing articles for easy skimming. Enjoy this week’s roundup!

1. 8 Types of Tools to Include in your Content Marketing Technology Stack [Content Marketing World]

  • You can’t plan without research. Seek out authoritative websites, articles, and books to see what the experts are exploring
  • Creating killer content requires great writing prowess, drive, and professionalism that also requires the eyes of an editor
  • Doesn’t matter how great your content is if no one sees it
  • You need to measure your content to see where it succeeded, where it failed and how you can do better next time2. Why The ‘How-To’ Boom In Content Marketing Is Still Growing [Forbes]
  • The entire purpose of content marketing is to generate material that’s informative and useful for audiences
  • There will always be new trends and new technologies, which means there is always value in how-to instructional articles
  • The potential number of new how-to articles is literally infinite, making over-saturation less of a problem
  • News items and trend analysis articles might only pay off for a few weeks/months, but how-to articles have staying power3. Content Marketing Inefficiencies Cost B2B Companies Nearly $1 Billion [TopRank]
  • The majority of marketers blamed coordination issues for content inefficiencies
  • 9/10 marketers said the most inefficient areas were meeting task deadlines and redundant content creation
  • Getting serious about content as a strategic asset and a corporate priority is of paramount importance
  • There is often a gap in the time frame that it takes to implement content marketing programs & see revenue growth4. Outsourcing Content Creation: Agencies vs. Freelancers [Content Marketing Forum]
  • With 76 percent of companies increasing their content marketing budget, content is no longer a part-time job
  • 17 percent of companies are currently outsourcing created content to agencies and freelancers
  • Freelancers are typically less expensive as they charge by the hour or by word and rates are negotiable.
  • Freelancers are a good option if you want an expert in your niche and you can pick people from your field5. How Social Media Marketing Helped Soccer Take Over The World
  • Social media is the go-to platform for sports fan engagement
  • In no other sport is the shift to digital media more pronounced than in soccer
  • English Premier League opening weekend reached over 62 million fans on social media
  • What’s even more interesting is that approximately 75% of the engagement occurred outside the UKMissed last week’s round-up highlights? Don’t fret! You can catch them all here.

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