Visually Announces a Revamped Project Center

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We’re excited to announce some big updates to our platform. As brands recognize the vital role that visual content plays in their content marketing, facilitating the creation process becomes more important than ever. Ensuring the success of your final product is more than just having a defined strategy to back up your content. As marketers, one should approach content production as a continuous loop — from beginning to end, and back to the beginning. From ideation, to closely following a calendar with deadlines, assigning responsibilities, giving constructive feedback, and distributing final deliverables, your process should always circle back to a transparent form of communication and management. We’ve listened to our customers’ feedback and have completely rebuilt our Project Dashboard to make it easier and faster to collaborate and create amazing content — it’s every marketer’s gateway to content production! What You Can Expect grid-view Having transparency is key to efficiency. We modeled our Project Dashboard so you have a full scope of everything you need to know in order to share progress with your team and keep your projects moving along. Your dashboard is where you can manage your active projects, view completed projects, review and accept quotes, access your creative briefs, and more! With our recent update of a cleaner look and feel, you’ll also find the following enhancements: List and grid views list-view If you’re a seasoned content marketer, chances are you have a fair share of projects under your belt. Whether you’re working on a handful of concurrent projects or have a history of great content, it can be difficult to get a sense for it all. This new feature makes it easier to navigate between projects, old and new! Quick view quick-view Along with switching between list and grid views, our quick view functionality allows you to quickly scan your projects finding team members and recent uploads without ever having to open the project. The birdseye view of your project’s timeline. Improved navigation Our overall navigation was redesigned with mobile in mind. Moving seamlessly between your Project Dashboard and Project Center is the first step in our journey to make such collaboration simple across all platforms. We hope these updates continue to enhance the user experience of our clients, certified talent, and community of content lovers. We look forward to any and all feedback you may have!   Ready to experience the platform yourself and transform your content marketing strategy from one-off to best-in-class? View our creative services for more information and to get started!

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