5 Can’t Miss Content Marketing Articles

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Every day, Google processes over 3.5 billion searches, breaking down to roughly 40,000 search queries each second. That’s a lot of curious minds with plenty of questions! If you’re wondering about content marketing, there’s no need to search elsewhere. Each week, we’re hand-picking and summarizing five must-read content marketing articles with easy-to-skim takeaways. Enjoy!

1. Why CMOs Need To Remember They Are Consumers, Too [Oracle]

  • Marketers need to care more about consumers and their business, beyond just a marketing plan
  • Most retailers give the customer little to no consideration when developing strategy, product, pricing, marketing plans, etc.
  • Today’s consumer is in control and wants their experience to be intuitive and customized to their preferences2. Marketers Struggle to Identify and Engage Social Media Influencers [AdWeek]
  • Marketers are using analytics tools, but the tools aren’t being used to inform and power influencer campaigns
  • Only 32 percent are using the tools they have for predictive analysis3. Read This Before Crunching Your Content Marketing Data
  • Marketers are too often focused on vanity metrics
  • What we think the data tells us: Content isn’t driving direct sales
  • What the data actually tells us: Buying journeys are complex, and sales happen over time4. Content Inspiration From Competitors [Search Engine Watch]
  • It doesn’t hurt to look to your competitors who are having success and be inspired by them
  • Though you risk being a step behind, you’ll find out what resonates with audiences
  • Improve upon what your competitors do best with your own strategies5. 5 Social Marketing Tactics for Content Distribution [B2C]
  • Include a click-to-tweet in your content – ultimate sharing convenience and control over what your readers share
  • The average shelf life of a social post is usually 18 minutes, so don’t be afraid to post multiple times
  • Share content with the people you mention or quote in your piece

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