5 Can’t Miss Content Marketing Articles

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We all know content is king, and there’s definitely an overwhelming abundance of it available. To make your life easier, we hand-pick and summarize five must-read content marketing articles each week. No need for information overload when you’ve got easy-to-skim takeaways right before your eyes. Enjoy!

1. Aligning Marketing Automation With Content Strategy [B2C]

  • Many marketers consider automation as an end in itself, when actually what marketing automation does is facilitate the marketer to further connect with their audience
  • Customers demand customized content that’s relevant to them specifically
  • Only send when you have something engaging, beneficial or useful for their audience2. 9 Ways to Use Audio in Content Marketing [Website Designs]
  • Adding audio to your marketing strategy can generate new interest, find new customers, and boost your brand presence
  • Interview influencers regularly; people love listening to experts talk!
  • Use audio to help enhance a webinar experience and further engage with your audience
  • Content is easy to repurpose, a blog post can become an audio post and vice-versa.3. 8 Expert Advice on Building an Effective Content Marketing Campaign [SEO Hacker]
  • Keep your content focused on your targeted audience or you’ll generate visitors who don’t convert
  • Think of your audience before creating content instead of vice-versa
  • Know your audience and create a content schedule around them
  • You have to lay down the fundamentals of why you want to do it and what its purpose is4. 7 Important PR Lessons Every Content Marketer Needs to Learn [HubSpot]
  • Advertising is about paying for attention; PR is about earning it.
  • If you have both PR and content marketing, you’re in great shape to influence targets everywhere
  • PR and content marketing can support the other’s activities, inspire each others’ creativity, and keep messages coordinated to better support your overall strategic goals.5. Writing Content: 21 Tips for Getting it Right [Social Media Today]
  • Remember your goal: to get a response for your reader
  • Think of content marketing as proactively answering questions
  • Your micro message must map to your company’s macro message
  • Make “you” your most used word. Your reader’s favorite subject is him or herself.Missed last week’s round-up highlights? Don’t fret! You can catch them all here.

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