Truffle Pig Takes on Content Creation, Distribution and Analytics

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Yesterday, Snapchat, WPP, and The Daily Mail announced a unique content marketing partnership. Aptly named Truffle Pig for the specially bred pigs famous for sniffing out highly valued truffles deep underground, the union joins the world’s biggest names in marketing, content creation and community to give businesses a one-stop shop for positioning and messaging, content strategy and creation, video production, social media management, audience development, and analytics. How Will Truffle Pig Impact Content Strategy And Planning? Delivers an end-to-end content machine. Creating successful content in today’s environment requires a mix of competences: •    strategizing and planning content to address persona targets •    distribution to place content where the targets are most likely to find it •    analytics to understand content performance And for most businesses, that means cobbling together the talents of an agency for strategy, a stable of writers and designers for execution, and resources to sift through all of the analytics dashboards to deliver insights to inform future content. Truffle Pig aims to eliminate that by housing all of these services under one roof. Puts More Focus on Story-Driven Marketing. With the amount of content currently in the market, you need more than a compelling brand story to cut through the clutter. Truffle Pig leverages, Elite Daily, and Snapchat as test beds for content with the ability to push onto other digital outlets as dictated by the client’s strategy.  Additionally, businesses get access to Snapchat’s 3V production capabilities to create vertical view video ads produced specifically for smartphones. The combination of creative execution and strategic placement offers brands more opportunity to get their story in front of the right users in the right format backed by solid data to evaluate performance. Offers Better Millennials Targeting. One of the drivers of the Truffle Pig venture is the increasing difficulty of reaching tech savvy and ad weary millennials. Snapchat users watch over two billion videos each day with nearly 1 in 4 users in the coveted 18-24 demographic. Their users represent the ideal kind of young, engaged consumers that marketers need to reach. The content you’ll see coming out of this partnership aims to leverage marketer’s desire for campaigns that not only target, but also reach younger consumers and look less like traditional ads. Caveats to Consider: •    Who’s your target? Before you fire your agency and creatives in lieu of the Truffle Pig, consult your strategy. This service appeals more to consumer-level entities seeking attention from millenials. If your market consists of CEOs of mature brands, this may not be the platform to leverage. •   What’s your budget? Judging from the pricey ad rates of Snapchat, assume that the Truffle Pig service stack is going to be pricey. Depending on business size and marketing goals, the offering may outweigh the value of the business you’re looking to attract. For basic strategy and execution, you may only need one content production partner to free you up to focus on the distribution aspect. •   Is it ready? Though it combines the best minds in marketing and distribution, you may want to take a wait and see approach. Find out how cohesively the services blend, what the return on investment looks like, and how it logically fits into your strategy before you invest.

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