Content marketing tips from Convince & Convert’s Jay Baer

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 Jay Baer is the author of The New York Times bestseller “Youtility”, and President of Convince and Convert. (Source: Twitter)
Jay Baer is author of The New York Times bestseller
“Youtility”, and President of Convince and Convert.
(Source: Twitter)

1) Become the authority on your product.

Marketers are often told to ‘think like publishers’ when it comes to content marketing. According to Baer, this doesn’t mean constantly creating as much content as possible. It means being strategic and creating content with a purpose. That may mean going niche by owning or focusing specifically on a smaller topic with an overall industry or subject matter.

2) Tie engagement metrics to business goals

“Engagement is not a currency. We hold up engagement as if it’s somehow a business metric. And it’s not. You cannot pay employees with retweets. So engagement has to be a means to an end. You have to be engaging for some greater purpose otherwise you’re just wasting time and money.”

Content engagement cannot be tied to marketing goals unless there is a set of measurements and metrics in place to determine the impact. Content marketers want engagement to lead to other actions such as email newsletter sign-ups or even someone buying their company’s products or service. Start by tying each piece of content back to these goals to iterate.

3) Create content that scales

Simply churning out content should not be the sole function of any content marketing department. Are you presenting the right content – curated, recycled or original – to the right people at the right time? Baer said companies may not win 10, 000 hearts at one time, but they can win 10, 000 hearts and minds one at a time. “Give one person something that they really care about and show that thing to a bunch of different people. And you see that every day with useful content that becomes massively successful just because it is so useful.”

How does content scale from project to project? “Individual engagements don’t scale, but collectively you can achieve scale. What I mean by that is good content, good social, good anything that is useful, that is relevant is going to win hearts and minds one at a time.”

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