Essential Roles for a Successful Content Marketing Machine

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The ideal content marketing team should include the following roles to drive success and avoid forcing writers to be analysts or project managers to become editors. Are these roles represented on your team? Mastermind To create the blueprint, you’ll need a strategic thinker to set content direction. This role sets the overall mission and strategy. In order to do this, the majority of the mastermind’s time is spent doing reconnaissance work – consulting with business leaders to determine content needs and business drivers. With this information, they lay out content priorities, identify personas, supervise calendars and divvy up the budget accordingly. Navigator Managing practical execution demands solid editorial oversight. Whether it’s just one person or a team of editorial resources, the navigator’s role is to take the ball and run with it by maintaining the guidelines set forth in the strategy. The editorial position is responsible for more than just checking grammar, they should also handle establishing style guidelines and publication policies, reviewing individual pieces for adherence and tone and getting legal and branding sign-offs. Mission Control The success of the team hinges on the backbone of detail-oriented project managers to support the brick-by-brick realization of the vision. As the intake and delivery point for each project, mission control is responsible for balancing strategy against urgency. Their primary focus is managing and executing the editorial calendar. Scientist This number cruncher is a dashboard-wielding data listener. They keep watch over opens, clicks, clickthroughs, leads, sales and any other obscure metrics the team deems necessary to gain actionable insights about performance and response. With real-time metrics at their fingertips, the scientists keep their ear to the ground for breaking news, trends and opportunities for content distribution. Email Ninja This weapon-specific role is solely focused on email. Because email is such a large chunk of content promotion and distribution, you need a resident expert on all things email-related – nurture, sales, list hygiene, automation tools. Your email ninja will be constantly looking for ways to better target and grow lists, closely monitoring opens and clicks for trends, and managing design, copy and send processes. Social Media Wizard Another weapons-specific hero no content team can do without is a dedicated resource to manage posting, response and audience building. They’re experienced in understanding the right networks to seed different types of content. The editorial calendar guides their day-to-day but their job includes formatting posts for visual impact, managing responses, growing audiences, courting influencers and managing posting tools. Foot Soldiers With all of these roles filled, your foot soldiers are free to pour their creative juices into presenting an engaging, cohesive brand experience. Keep a lean team of in-house scribes and designers with a second-skin familiarity with brand and a track record of cleverly bringing concepts life. Alongside that, maintain a contact list full of dependable freelancers to scale out content production for quick turnaround or low-value work. Your business size will drive how many of these roles you need. For smaller businesses, ‘mission control’ and ‘scientist’ might be the same person — in a larger organization there may be five of each. But no matter your organization’s size, keeping these roles in mind will provide the framework for success.

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