How to Use Micro-Content to Convert Leads

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Thanks to the prevalence of marketing on social media platforms, micro-content is on fire right now. Small snippets of text, a quick video, or a visually compelling picture make excellent bite-size snacks for your customers to consume on the fly. It’s great that people see your micro-content, but are they doing anything with the information you’re providing? Here’s how to use micro-content to convert those leads into customers.

Do your CTAs need CPR?

According to a survey by AdReaction, Americans spend 151 minutes per day on smartphones. A huge percentage of micro-content is consumed on mobile so make sure your calls to action (CTAs) and links are optimized for mobile viewing. You’ll also want to make it as easy as possible for consumers to make a purchase or get more information right from their mobile device. In the not-too-distant future, brands will likely be able to offer Buy Now buttons right inside the content on Twitter and Facebook.

Trick out your message

Many of the popular social media platforms have inherent limitations on the length your message can be. Every word counts and every second in of a video matters so tailor that bad boy to fit the platform where it will be featured.

Be a good Internet citizen

“Often the best micro-content is your short form review or share of somebody else’s stuff that might be useful to your audience, and it doesn’t get more social than that. That enables your appeal and reach to grow naturally through a trusted network,” says Smart Insight’s Danyl Bosomworth. Curated content is part of being a good Internet citizen and helps customers recognize you’re a trusted part of the industry, not just a marketing machine.

Picture it

By now, we all know the importance of using captivating visuals on social media platforms. Social Media Examiner reports a full 70 percent of marketers plan to increase their use of images and infographics in 2015. Now that photos are practically mandatory, any old picture just won’t do. Take a cue from Expedia, winner of this year’s Shorty Award for Best Brand on Instagram. The travel website got super-creative and put a new spin on the popular #ThrowbackThursday meme that encourages people to share vintage pictures of themselves. Expedia hosted a contest asking people to share their best “throwback” pictures for a chance to win a travel voucher to recreate their trip (and the picture itself).

Expedia throwback image
Expedia throwback image

Think all the way outside the box

Creating effective micro-content takes a lot of imagination and a willingness to take some calculated risks. There’s no end to what you can achieve on social media platforms if you begin to think really far outside the box. Mazda USA saw a 302 percent increase in followers last year after the launch of an innovative micro-content campaign. They used 60 small images that, when arranged together in a certain order, comprised a larger picture. That’s the way to take micro-content to the next level. Lisa Hoover McGreevy is a seasoned professional writer specializing in corporate messaging, a data journalist on the Visually Marketplace and regular contributor to the Visually blog. Image: Shutterstock

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