Product updates: Ad integration and new content sources

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Here at Scribble, we do not believe that more money == more problems. In fact, with our latest release, we set out to solve some of your problems by enabling you to monetize your content. As well, we’ve opened a whole new world when it comes to content sources. Let me tell you more about it.

Major updates

Ad integration

Live content created in ScribbleLive keeps audience members on the page for an average of up to 18 minutes. Yes, eighteen. And now, you can insert advertising from your own ad servers into any ScribbleLive stream*. The ads can be configured both at the global- and stream-level.

Insert ads into any ScribbleLive stream

You can designate any piece of HTML/JS as an ad—including ad code from your existing ad server—and configure how frequently the ads will display (i.e. every 5, 10, 20 posts). This feature is good for those who wish to:

  • Further monetize content with existing advertising inventory.
  • Sell and implement event-specific sponsorship.
  • Offer a premium advertising space in-line with live content that keeps audiences around longer than traditional static content.

TIP: To figure out how long your streams keep the audience member on the page, you can see Time on Page statistics at the stream level as well as the account level.

* Please note that this feature must be turned on in your account before you can start inserting advertising into your streams. Please contact your Client Success Manager for more information.

RSS automation

Some of the loudest and clearest feedback we’ve received is that our customers want more content sources. We have answered that by allowing you to automate content from any existing RSS feed into any ScribbleLive stream. We’ll display all new posts added to the RSS feed as a post in your ScribbleLive stream, including images, a title, and the content contained in the feed.

RSS automation

This will allow you to fuel your content in new and exciting ways. Think:

  • Create topical content curations based on one or more of your brand’s RSS feeds. Supplement it with social, contextual and/or original content created in ScribbleLive.
  • Access content from major news organizations and thought leaders in industry spaces.
  • We may not have fully integrated solutions with the likes of Pinterest or Tumblr (yet!), but these networks have RSS feeds, meaning you can automate content from them back into ScribbleLive.

Minor updates

Custom pagination

When we released our rebuilt and redesigned embeds last year, we made them responsive by default—they autoscale the width and height of the embed to fit on your page. This solved the problem of fixed pixels and double-scrollbars, which can destroy a user’s experience with your content on mobile. Today, we are offering further improvements to the user experience that we began building last year: Custom pagination.

You can now control after how many posts your ScribbleLive stream will paginate, which will prevent a stream of content continuing for what seems like forever. This will happen on a per-template basis, meaning you can have one template with 50 posts per page, and another with a mere 10.

Brightcove support

Brightcove has proven to be an important media player to many of our customers, which is why we have enabled additional support for it. The Brightcove JS embed code can now be easily added to any ScribbleLive stream via the Quick Editor.

Brightcove JS player

This allows clients to use Brightcove’s JavaScript player instead of Flash, meaning, yes—iOS users will no longer be left in the cold.

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