ScribbleLive Spotlight: Rivers, Car Chases and the World Cup

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This week we bring you a cornucopia of awesome ScribbleLive liveblogs—five out of eight which centre around the World Cup. It’s as if millions of people around the world have an interest in following the games.

But the World Cup isn’t the focus of all our great examples this week. We also have an awesome adventure down a American river, Quebec election coverage and the 20-year anniversary of O.J. Simpson’s infamous murder case. Check them out!


My trip down the most endangered river in America by CNN US

Check out this liveblog as CNN journalist John Sutter takes a three-week kayaking trip down the San Joaquin River in California. Dubbed the “most endangered river in America” by American Rivers, Sutter will be tweeting photos and updates of his trip from the Sierra Nevada Mountains to San Francisco.


World Cup Special by DW Innovation

This awesome World Cup liveblog isn’t like other World Cup liveblogs. It isn’t just play-by-play soccer highlights. Instead, DW Innovation is bringing its data journalism skills to interesting soccer related stories, such as the history of the soccer ball, technology related to soccer and unique infographics that bring data alive. Check it out for different stories surrounding the FIFA World Cup.


O.J.’s Final Run by ESPN

On June 17, ESPN hosted a remembrance liveblog, chronicling the events and stories from the day 20 years ago when football star O.J. Simpson was charged with murder. Using stories from reporters, personalities and interviews from the day, the liveblog paints a vivid picture of what happened. It’s very interesting from the point of view of someone who was too young to remember the day, such as your very own esteemed blog author.


Brasil 2014 by Latercera

Check out this Spanish-language World Cup coverage, which includes some nice looking customization of our V7 embed liveblog. It features team formations, a World Cup game calendar and polls that change depending on the game currently being played.


Abenteuer Brasilien by MDR

MDR sent one of its reporters down to Brazil to cover the World Cup— in a VW Bug. He’s driving around the country to the different cities hosting World Cup games, telling the stories of Brazil’s people, fans and countryside. The full liveblog is on their Facebook Fan page, but MDR pulls out the most interesting posts into this ScribbleLive liveblog. The reporter is full of passion, not just for the sport, but for the country. Check it out for another alternate take on the World Cup.



VM Brasil 2014 by NTB

This Norwegian World Cup liveblog has made awesome use of our Content Icons feature. It has one huge stream, covering everything World Cup, and have labelled each update with an icon showing what team the update is about.


Débat des chefs, 20 mars 2014 by Radio-Canada

I missed this one in the last update, but it definitely deserves a mention here. This liveblog on the Quebec elections features a live streaming video on top with a ScribbleLive event offering commentary beneath. What is super cool here, though, is the reader discussion pop out on the right hand side. Labelled “discussion en direct” for those of you who don’t speak French, it reveals a separate ScribbleLive stream for reader comments and discussion.


Fan Ambassador Live Chats by SONY and Goal

This series of live chats brings past football players and personalities directly to FIFA fans. Sony and Goal bring in reader questions through ScribbleLive comments and Twitter posts, which are then answered by the chat guests. If you’re a soccer fan check out the the list of ambassadors at the bottom of the page to see if any of your favourites are making an appearance!


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