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It’s World Cup time! Many of us here at the ScribbleLive have FIFA-fever, and cannot wait to catch the matches of our favourite teams and enjoy some friendly banter. Who will win the iconic trophy? Host country Brazil? Will defending World Cup champion Spain again get the title? How will Germany, a past World Cup powerhouse, do this year?

The games kicked off on June 12 and you can follow the exciting match-ups with fantastic coverage from our clients, and check out more coverage with our World Cup wall.

Cadena SER
As one of the largest radio stations in the Spanish speaking world, you can be sure Cadena SER will have some of the best coverage of the World Cup in Spanish.

The Canadian public broadcaster will be playing select games on television, and its play-by-play on its live web video streams of the games is an awesome World Cup companion. Be sure to check out its post-match live chats, as well.

Check out CNN’s coverage of the World Cup on their dedicated white label. The news giant also has coverage in Spanish.

dpa live
For all of the coverage of the German national team check out dpa live’s live blog. Its coverage is can also be syndicated from the Scribble Market.

This sports media giant will bring the World Cup to you through its interactive and detail-heavy site. Every team has a page with the latest news, player list, team statistics and blog. ESPN also has statistics set up for the World Cup as a whole, including odd but interesting stats such as “average attendance” and “fair play.”

Fusion Soccer
Fusion Soccer is bringing World Cup highlights with a distinct social media focus. Check out its Honeycomb Wall, highlighted in the latest ScribbleLive Spotlight. Its play-by-play and colour with soccer writers Miriti Murungi and Corey Bennett will certainly be worth the watch.

Check out Goal.com’s World Cup coverage, which includes reader match predictions. Put in your predictions and join the conversation!

The Independent
This UK news outlet will bring you coverage of all sorts of World Cup games. Check out their live blogs of every exciting match.

Main Post
Main Post is doing something interesting with their live blog. This small, regional media organization is monetizing their live blog by offering different sponsorship packages (ads like wallpapers, inline placements, etc.) and by putting it on the Scribble Market for a small fee for other small organizations to use. Check them out for ideas on how you can monetize your live blog, and to follow the World Cup in German!

Mediehuset Nettavisen AS
Nettavisen will bring you all of the World Cup coverage (minus the opening and closing ceremonies) with its live blogs. They have an attractive and interactive web app at the side of the blog, showcasing game stats, player positions and goal locations. Check it out if you prefer your coverage in Norwegian.

Check out NU.nl if you prefer your Word Cup coverage in Dutch.

Postmedia will be following along with coverage from select matches.

Reuters has commentary and coverage of “the most watched sporting event in the world” from “soccer-obsessed Brazil.” Featuring tweets and original commentary, check out their live sports blog.

Seattle Times
The Seattle Times has a cool interactive World Cup section, with the necessary Standings, scores and news sections. However, what’s really interesting here is its predictions of each match.

Sky Sports
Check out Sky Sports’ live coverage of the World Cup with live video, podcasts, social media and, of course, liveblogs.

Snack Media
Snack Media will be your source for coverage out of the UK. Want to pick up its content? Snack Media’s coverage is also syndicated in the Scribble Market.

This new ScribbleLive client is a big name in German sports broadcasting, and they are using ScribbleLive to it’s full potential by pulling in tweets, photos, polls and user comments.

 The Toronto Star
Check out the Toronto Star for unique live coverage. Using photos, tweets and Vines, the Toronto Star shows the games from a fan’s perspective, with unique commentary from its reporters.

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