ScribbleLive’s spotlight is back with sampling of creative live blogs from around the world. We have coverage of the Ontario provincial election using LiveArticle and Content Atoms, a few great uses of our API for the World Cup and the European elections and a Greenpeace protest liveblog. We’ve also rounded up the news from Moncton, New Brunswick, with great recaps of the hunt for a man who allegedly murdered three RCMP officers and wounded another two.


The Honeycomb by FUSION Soccer

The Honeycomb is a social media stream by FUSION Soccer about the 2014 FIFA World Cup. It is slick, featuring tweets, hashtags, videos, photos, and animated gifs—anything related to the World Cup, really. Check it out if you have an interest in what the World Cup Internet is talking about.


World Cup Soccer Brazil Live by dpa live

In anticipation of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, which begins on June 12, dpa live has set up a live blog covering the latest news about the event. It features videos, photos and social media, but the main draw of the site is the interactive topHTML header. It features the tournament bracket, team groupings, team details including a full player and coach list, a map with photos of each stadium in Brazil and so much more. It is beautiful and really shows the power of topHTML (which, for those who don’t know, allows you to add custom code to any ScribbleLive event template). And don’t worry if you can’t speak German—use the ScribbleLive language options to translate the live blog into your language of choice!


En direct de l’Europe by Arte

Arte in France created this beautiful interactive map for the European elections. Using the ScribbleLive API, the map can be set by the day and has clickable nodes set up around Europe that bring up a related live blog of the day’s events in that area. It is incredible, and shows what is possible with the ScribbleLive API. Use it for inspiration to create your own ideas!


Instant analysis: The Maclean’s team on the Ontario debate by Maclean’s Magazine

The Ontario election is in full swing, and Maclean’s has their coverage of the televised candidates’ debate published online. It features a live blog with commentary during the debate, and Content Atoms published above the blog, summarizing each reporter’s and analyst’s opinion. Maclean’s website looks beautiful, and ScribbleLive fits in perfectly with their design.


Stop Cameron’s new fracking law by Greenpeace UK

Greenpeace held a protest in front of UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s residence in protest of a new fracking law. The live blog featured photos and videos, and included a petition sign up form to the right of the blog.


Moncton shooting live blogs by the CBC, The Globe and Mail and The Toronto Star

Tragedy hit the small city of Moncton, New Brunswick, last week, when a man armed with rifles allegedly killed three RCMP officers and wounded two others. The city was under lockdown, and a search for the suspect lasted two nights until he was eventually captured. CBC took a unique approach to blog comments, curating ones they found relevant into an advanced post and then publishing them at once, with an explainer on why not all comments can make the cut. They also made use of our new Content Icons feature.


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