Visually Announces Campaigns: Content Marketing From Ideation to Analytics

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As brands recognize the power of content marketing – and the important role visual content plays in it – they also realize that a one-and-done approach to content production doesn’t cut it. A single blog post or infographic does not a campaign make. To ensure the success of their content marketing campaigns, marketers should approach content production strategically: from ideation, through creating a content calendar and publishing schedule, to a distribution strategy and measuring the ROI of those campaigns. Visually Campaigns, our latest platform upgrade, helps marketers do just that: achieve measurable goals through custom packages that deliver visual content at the right frequency, through targeted channels. Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 11.22.50 AM

How It Works

Campaigns automates the process of creating a content strategy and developing an actionable plan for achieving a brand’s goals. Once the client fills out a creative brief, a certified creative director from the Visually Marketplace prepares a custom content package – including a mix of infographics, videos, presentations, reports, or interactive web experiences – that best achieves their goals. From there, the creative director will develop a strategic rollout calendar that maximizes the campaign’s engagement and impact. july Each campaign will include a custom set of companion micro-content – short-form content optimized for social media distribution – that will amplify and promote the larger pieces in your campaign. Finally, Visually’s custom analytics platform “Native Analytics” will enable you to track, measure and share the success of the campaign – on the brand’s own channels and across the web.

How Marketers Can Use Visually Campaigns

Every Visually Campaign is custom-made to fit your individual needs, but the categories outlined below are among the most common use-case scenarios for campaign development:

  • Product Launch: Build excitement for product launches with a suite of infographics, videos, and interactive web experiences.
  • Lead Generation: Drive traffic and leads with content designed to drive conversions.
  • Event Marketing: Build awareness for your event and drive online registrations with a mix of custom graphics and video content.
  • Social Media Engagement – Twitter/Facebook/Instagram: Keep fans and followers engaged with our highly visual drip campaigns.
  • Social Media Video Engagement – YouTube/Vine: Build audiences and engagement with our video-centric drip campaigns.
  • Thought Leadership Blast: Support research, insights, and news with presentations, infographics, and videos that amplify reach and press pickups.
  • Innovation: Showcase your brand’s innovation through interactive web experiences, graphics, videos, and custom reports.
  • PR Campaign Push: Drive press mentions with visual company briefings, industry trend infographics, and breaking-news videos.

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