Introducing Content Atoms: Easily embed your ScribbleLive content anywhere

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Got an excellent quote from your last live Q&A? Did one of your reporters snap a great photo from a breaking news event? You can now easily re-use that content anywhere on your site.

All of your posts on ScribbleLive are now embeddable, allowing you to repurpose them all over your digital property. We will keep all the sourcing intact, including any interaction on your post such as comments and likes.

How can you use this new feature? Here are 4 interesting ways:

1. Enriching your content with media

Do you have an interesting video or a great photo from your live chat? You can embed that content in future articles and blog posts by simply grabbing the embed URL from the post and placing it wherever you see fit. Below is a photo from ScribbleLive’s “Daily” where our staff share thoughts and good finds.

As you can see, the photo is embedded along with the comments my colleagues made, which brings me to my next point.

2. Make the most of audience conversations

In addition to creating a dialogue with your audience in real time, we now allow you to place that dialogue anywhere you’d like. You can embed a particularly engaging content atom anywhere! And if you get new comments on it, they will be added to the original location of that content atom.  So you can engage audience in multiple places with the same piece of content.

3. Gain audience insight

One of our clients’ favorite ways to engage audiences is through the use of interactive polls. With the embeddable content atoms, it means that polls are also embeddable, so you can gather audience feedback wherever you embed your poll. Below is an example of a poll embedded from a live event

4. Promote your live event

By embedding your content atoms in different places you increase the chance of people clicking through to your other events, thereby maximizing the audience for your content efforts.


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