Why We Redesigned Visual.ly and Where to Find Your Favorite Features

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Since closing our Series A funding round in January, we’ve been hard at work updating the Visually Project Center — our platform for creative collaboration — and scaling the Visually Marketplace. Today, we’re proud to announce a major update to our website that will help us better communicate our value, both as a community and as a marketplace for visual content for brands. It’s quite a change and our team spent many hours discussing, debating and designing the new site. We wanted to put our best foot forward with a design that tells the story of our Marketplace and how future clients can leverage our network of certified designers, animators and journalists to produce amazing work for their brands. We also want to honor our roots as a destination for the web’s best visual content and more importantly, the community that made (and continues to make) it possible to become that destination. Thank you for sharing and creating your amazing Visuals! You can continue to do so on Visual.ly/view, or go to our home page and click the Community tab. We hope you’ll join us on our journey forward. Lastly, we invite our creative community to apply to become certified in their respective roles – designers, animators, journalists, developers – and play a critical role in the growth of the Marketplace. Our goal, as always, is to provide a platform for you to connect with brands you may not be able to reach on your own, and work on fun, meaningful projects. VisuallyHomePage  

Your quick guide to the new Visual.ly:

1. Distribute and share your Visuals (infographics, videos, presentations, web experiences) at Visual.ly/view. 2. Brands can start a project at Marketplace.visual.ly. 3. Designers, animators, developers and journalists can apply to become certified on our Marketplace and find meaningful work at Marketplace.visual.ly/apply. 4. Read about strategy, marketing, design and all things related to visual content at Blog.visual.ly. We hope you like the new website and are excited to hear your thoughts!