How to stay up to date on the situation in Ukraine

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State flag of Ukraine carried by a protester to the heart of developing clashes in Kyiv, Ukraine. Events of February 18, 2014. Photographer: Mstyslav Chernov.
State flag of Ukraine carried by a protester to the heart of developing clashes in Kyiv, Ukraine. Events of February 18, 2014. Photographer: Mstyslav Chernov.

A political crisis has been unfolding in Ukraine, becoming increasingly violent after president Viktor Yanukovych was ousted by the Ukrainian parliament in February. Russia has since taken control of Crimea, a region with a large Russian-speaking population and held a referendum which supported the region joining Russia.  With 5 people reported dead Thursday after Ukrainian soldiers moved into Eastern Ukraine, it doesn’t seem like this crisis will be coming to an end any time soon.

Many of our clients have been providing live coverage of developments in the region since Yanukovych’s overthrow. If you’d like to follow live updates and news from Ukraine, here are a number of great real-time sources:

Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera are masters of creating long form real-time content around ongoing crises. In addition to their Ukraine live blog, Al Jazeera also has live blogs dedicated to events in Egypt and Syria. Their Ukraine live blog has been on since February 19th, full of the latest photos, videos, political statements, and other great content.


Reuters has an always-on event dedicated to news around the world, but because there is so much news coming out of Ukraine, they’re renamed the live blog for the time being. They’re also very good at providing live coverage, having had experience with major news breaking events like the conflict in Syria, the unrest in Egypt, the Boston Marathon bombings, and the Watertown shootout. The editorial team places call-to-actions to their live coverage right on their homepage, making it easy to mobilize audiences and then keep them on site longer with this rolling coverage.

Reuters Ukraine home page banner scribblelive
Reuters places a call-to-action to their live coverage right on their homepage.


Though Mashable is better known for their coverage of the latest technology and social media news, they are also currently providing updates on Ukraine. I’ve asked our Client Success Manager for Mashable, Dana Lacey, to provide a quote on their coverage of the crisis:

It’s not a liveblog in the traditional sense, rather a page that evolves with the story. This live story hub collects all of Mashable’s reporting on the crisis in Urkaine — updated in real time — while organizing a wealth of information and multimedia into a digestible format that thinks beyond the tick-tock approach typical of live coverage. It ensures that readers always get the most recent version of the story when they land on the page, and keeps with Mashable’s style of blending social content with original reporting. Scroll through blog-style short hits mixed with longer-form analysis, social media, and both pro and user-generated photography and video. Mashable has used this approach on other stories such as the Boston Marathon memorial and the Olympics opening ceremony

mashable ukraine live blog scribblelive
Mashable updates a living article, allowing it to update without the reader refreshing the page.


Another interesting source of real-time information on the conflict is the Reddit community. Reddit recently started testing a new “live” format for breaking news events called Liveupdate thread to provide their users with real-time coverage. During previous attempts at coverage of breaking news events Reddit had trouble with posting reliable information. In order to avoid repeating the witch hunting and spread of false information, only Reddit employees can create these new Live update threads and add reporters to them.

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