The King of Content’s SXSW Content Marketing Treasures

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Hear ye, hear ye, subjects of the land of Austin, Texas: the King of Content has given #SXSWi’s royal marketers an audience and has proclaimed the following marketing campaigns to be the most impressive in the kingdom.

1. King-sized photo ops

The King loves visuals and has log ago decreed that a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s true as ever at SXSW, where attendees are more than happy to create your content for you by snagging photos of themselves posing with your branding. Television networks especially rock this marketing tactic with chances for fans to get up close and personal with memorable scenic elements, like the Game of Thrones’ “Iron Throne,” a life-size model of the Bates Motel and the chance to give the Price is Right wheel a spin.  

2. Leading the masses – a.k.a. thought leadership – with presentations and panel participation

Content marketing often takes the shape of a brand’s evangelist speaking to a live audience or participating in a panel. It’s a great way to establish thought leadership, share your message and connect with new people. Start planning your participation for next year’s event now. Bonus points for having a team-member bring along a video camera to capture your thought leader’s session to reuse as content for your own audience after the event ends!


3. Freebies – we mean royal gifts! – as marketing collateral

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Free products and services may seem like a stretch for the term “content marketing,” but think of it as three-dimensional marketing collateral. Your product or service will speak for itself and with a share-happy audience like SXSW attendees, you’re very likely to garner exposure from social media, blog posts and word of mouth amongst attendees. You might also gain some new customers who give your brand a try when they otherwise may not have had a chance to do so.


4. Making content history onsite

Whether your brand is taking advantage of the convergence of industry thought leaders and producing interview videos onsite or the willingness of attendees to try new tech, you’d be silly not to use SXSW as an opportunity to churn out great content that’s shareable and/or recyclable for marketing projects down the road. Be sure to check out our tips on creating visual content that rules!

  Kathleen Smith is the Marketing Director at Visually. Follow this space for more of her content marketing hacks and let her know what you think: @katsmithtweets.

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