Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics: A real-time experience that lasts

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There’s no experience quite like watching a major sporting event live. Unfortunately, this isn’t always an option for fans–case and point, the Sochi Olympics. Luckily, ScribbleLive was there to offer a solution to online publications who wanted to produce content with the ‘live’ feel of the games.

By compiling and publishing live coverage using our platform, media outlets provided real-time experiences that lived past just the moment. These outlets saw a tremendous increase in web traffic and user engagement, in spite of the dramatic time difference.

Here are some highlights of the real-time Olympic coverage created by our amazing roster of clients.

Sochi 2014  Winter Olympics

Create signposts for readers to navigate

One glance at CNN’s live Olympics page and you’ll travel back to ‘Day 16’ of the Winter Games. CNN used a daily banner image at the top to set a timely atmosphere for its content. Below the banner, CNN pinned highlights of the day and a stream of coverage in a conversational tone. In this way, CNN created a lively dynamic feed and a real-time experience regardless of time and date. CNN promoted this content on the homepage of its international news site to bring in traffic.

Offer a unique point of view

Cathal Kelly, a seasoned reporter for the Toronto Star, covered the Games live from Sochi. He shared a unique view of life in Sochi through short and frequent spurts of observations and commentary. His writing style read very much like a diary entry, offering readers an exclusive point of view.

Capture audiences between games

Yahoo Canada had reporters in Sochi, but syndicated content via Scribble Market to further supplement its coverage. Every morning, editors built daily segments based on both original and syndicated content from the night before and ran a ‘digital talk show’ titled ‘So What?’ The publication provided a real-time experience through its colourful commentary and conversational tone in its chats. The hour-long show was broken down into various segments, including recaps of the previous day, previews of upcoming events, and comments from guests on the ground in Sochi. So What    February 18   Yahoo Sports Canada

Think visually

Aside from its snazzy layout design, ARD’s live page flaunts other great snapshots from Sochi. ARD used Scribble’s Twitter integration feature to post tweets that contained specific words or hashtags.

Think beyond the sport

The Canadian Olympic Committee did not miss out on a single second of Olympics scoop. Its Sochi coverage feed was live 24/7 and its photo feed was updated constantly and provided a unique view of life behind the scenes at Sochi, including places the media could not tread.

Use Scribble Market to lower your costs

French organizations around the world also shared resources through content syndication. Belgian publication Le Soir picked up live coverage by the Canadian Olympic Committee, keeping in the loop of the mens’ hockey semifinals while saving costs. On top of the embedded COC content, Le Soir added a compelling photo that captured the essence of the event.

Liverapport  OS invigningen   Sport

Find your voice

ABC News partnered with ESPN for some of its content, then added its own coverage to create a unique offering that fit their readership. This type of collaboration saved costs and offered a broader perspective on the same topic.

Talk directly to your readers

Swedish TV channel, Sveriges Television AB, opened up the floor to anyone who had a question about the Sochi Winter Games. The result was an interactive flow of questions, answers and commentary. The live event saw lots of engagement and naturally a lively dynamic in its content. SVT dedicated an in-house commentator and a corresponding Sochi reporter to provide the best insight. The writers made great use of Scribble’s comment feature, letting readers visualize the interactions.