mobile theme 2Say hello to beautiful real-time content, designed specifically for mobile devices.

Our mobile themes have long been an integral part of ScribbleLive’s ability to deliver your real-time content to your audience in relevant ways, and today, we’ve released a new mobile theme that will make engagement a breeze for audiences accessing your content on a mobile device.

New look

While the new design may be familiar to those who have seen our new embeds, the new mobile theme was specifically built to allow for two things: an emphasis on content and a great experience on a touch-screen device. With full-width media and features that make engaging with your content easier than ever, the new mobile themes let what really matters shine through: your stories.


Support for LiveArticle and enhanced social engagement

We have added support for LiveArticle in this version of our mobile themes. Use LiveArticle and provide context, feature media or link your readers to other relevant content. Your LiveArticle sits above the live-updating content, just as it does on the desktop version of any event.

Our new mobile themes also display content from Twitter and Facebook in new ways. These new social post displays not only look beautiful—they also allow users to interact with the content on its respective social network, without ever having to leave your site.

Finally, our new mobile themes help drive eyes to your content. Every photo, video, or update you post on our platform is sharable via Twitter, Facebook and unique URL.


As responsive as ever—and fully customizable, too

ScribbleLive’s mobile themes make your content fully responsive, meaning your audience will have the best experience with your content regardless of the device they view it on.

When a user hits your event’s white label URL on a mobile device, we redirect them to the mobile theme of that event.* No pinching or squeezing in order to read your content, view a photo or share it to social.

You can customize the look and feel of this theme by adding your own custom HTML, CSS or JavaScript to create a unique experience for your audience.

*This must be set up in the back-end of Scribble. Here’s how.


Using mobile themes

Using a mobile theme is no different than it was in the past. In fact, your existing mobile themes will transition to this new design automatically. All you need to do is create a mobile theme template and set your white label to redirect to it when a user is on a mobile device.

Mobile theme template setup

Don’t have a mobile theme on your account? Have any questions? Contact your Success Manager for more details.