Visualizing the Value of a Twitter Follower

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Visual storytelling can take on many shapes, sizes and styles. Some stories are best told with charts and other data visualization techniques that show the patters and trends in the data available. Other stories are most powerful when they’re told with visuals that delight your audience and help them understand and remember the story and the point that it communicates. Visually recently teamed up with Twitter to tell Twitter’s story of The Value of a Follower. The data Twitter had for their story is made up largely of individual numbers, so we took the approach of adding relevant visuals to the story to help make it more memorable, understandable and engaging. The speech bubble next to 30% doesn’t visualize any data, but it does help to show what the data point is referring to. The phone at the beach isn’t showing raw data, but it does help to put you into the same setting and feel the frustration that Joe experiences with the tear in his wetsuit. Not all visual storytelling involves data visualization. Sometimes, beautiful design and visual elements to supplement the data available work best — and knowing when and where to use each approach is important. It would have been possible to pull in other statistics about recommendations on competing platforms, so that the 30% in the image above could have been put into a chart. But that approach would dilute the story that Twitter is telling, and potentially change the mood from positive and upbeat to competitive and adversarial. Doing visual storytelling well means using data and visuals wisely, so they help keep the viewer focused on the story. We really enjoyed working with Twitter, and we’re happy to see such a great story told visually. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with the Twitter Small Business team,” said Jared Fanning, creative director at Visually and for this project. “Our platform allowed Twitter to work closely with our creative community talent, bouncing ideas back and forth with fast iterations, while maintaining the highest quality of design work. We look forward to helping Twitter continue to create powerful brand stories.” To see this story for yourself, click here.

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