Scribble Chat round-up: Protests and real-time

Reading time: 1 min

While the profession of journalism is reinventing itself seemingly in real-time, the importance of covering protests remains just as true now as it did 50 years ago. Protests represent one of the best cases for live coverage as they’re events that unfold in real-time and that have a clear human-interest angle. But covering protests is anything but easy. How do reporters efficiently give real-time updates while surrounded by screaming citizens and armor-clad officers? How do journalists report on the dangerous realities of civil disobedience without themselves falling victim to physical harm?

This week’s Scribble Chat included a panel with reporters who have a range of experience on covering protests, from the 2012 student strike in Montreal to the Sammy Yatim rally in Toronto this past summer.

Click here to read the chat in its entirety.

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