ScribbleLive Spotlight: JFK, Ashes and Social Media

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Yes, it’s that time of year again – the last of the brown leaves are releasing their grip on branches, people are wearing gloves to bed and Christmas jingles are everywhere. Yup, it’s winter ladies and gentlemen but hopefully some of the real-time innovation below will warm your cockles ever-so-slightly. This week’s Scribble Spotlight features career advice, coverage of the Ashes and entertainment news.

The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy by

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A while back we published a blog post about how you can cover historical anniversaries in real-time and this effort from would have topped the pile. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s death, the editorial team produced ‘a historically-accurate live blog featuring a moment-by-moment timeline of that tragic November day in 1963 – as we would have reported it today.’ The team charts the events of the day with text updates, photos and multimedia but, in a bid not to exclude their readers’ voices, they also published their memories of the day. According to, their team spent weeks gathering content from places such as the JFK Library, and it shows. A great reminder that, just because it’s real-time doesn’t mean it’s something you hash together at the last minute.

Ashes First Test by Sky Sports

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 Mumble grumble; moan groan – “Not another cricket example!” I hear you cry. Well, yes – although this is a niche sport that would bore most disinterested spectators into a frothing stupor, it’s a sport that is exceptionally well suited to real-time and lends itself to innovation. One of the standout features of Sky Sports’ coverage is their production of video snippets – they use smartphones to record footage of players training, giving their readers behind-the-scenes access and also record short interviews with their expert commentators who share their predictions and analysis of the match. And food for thought for commercial teams out there: they publish a couple of posts with links to their own betting service where readers can place wagers on the match.

Kick-Starting your Career by RBC

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Everyone knows how difficult it is to find the right job these days, so the Royal Bank of Canada tried to make that little bit easier for their prospective employees. They invited career experts and the director of their Carer Launch Program to engage with job hunters and offer tips and advice. Here’s one of their nuggets regarding getting in touch with potential employers on LinkedIn “…Only do it if you’ve done your research. As someone who gets a lot of random messages from strangers, I can tell you that I very quickly ignore/delete messages without context.” Invaluable advice for those looking to make the right connections.

The Social Media Experiment by Sportschau

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It’s a question that was batted away by one journalist during our Scribble Chat on sports reporting, but it still looms large: is the role of the reporter still essential in the age of social media when players, coaches and teams are themselves content producers? Well, students at the University off Applied Science in Köln decided to investigate with a real-time experiment. ‘Can sports news be generated only from social media?’ they asked, and so began their five day investigation. Exclusively using content sourced from social media they ran a rolling sports news live event and, well, it doesn’t look half bad: a picture tweeted by newly crowned chess champion Magnus Carlsen features alongside a congratulatory tweet from his predecessor Gary Kasparov, football teams tweet team news and players post updates of their lives on Facebook and Instagram. The students add context to the social media content using the advanced writing tab but it’s a very interesting investigation into the role of social networks in modern reporting.

Rolling Entertainment News by TT

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Did someone say always-on entertainment news? Swedish news agency TT now offers their clients a rolling real-time event that brings together all the latest news from the world of film, music and celebrity. It’s a multimedia-heavy experience, full of YouTube and Instagram videos and a smattering of gifs alongside tweets and their own text updates. The layout is beautiful – check out the nice logos next to each post – and the reader now knows that if they’re looking for the latest entertainment updates, they can go to the same place every single day.