ScribbleLive is now a Twitter Certified Product!

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We’re proud and excited to announce that we have officially entered the Twitter Certified Products Program. The Twitter Certified Products Program helps businesses find the best products and services to help them succeed on Twitter.

ScribbleLive recognized early on the importance of Twitter as a growing source of real-time content for brands and publishers. With more than 500 million tweets being sent out through Twitter on a daily basis, it continues to be a vital source for ScribbleLive clients to tap into information, commentary, sentiments, and more.

Storytelling with ScribbleLive and Twitter

Twitter has been an integral part of our clients’ story telling. Minutes after the bombs went off at The Boston Marathon, and The Boston Globe started providing information about the story through ScribbleLive. The first post was none other than a Tweet from their sports producer Steve Silva, who snapped a photo of the devastation following the explosions. The newsrooms went on to win the Online News Association’s award for breaking news for their real-time coverage of the tragedy.

Engagement with ScribbleLive and Twitter

Twitter’s 230+ million monthly active users also make it a no-brainer content source during live engagements. During a live discussion with controversial conservative columnist Andrew Bolt, the Courier Mail asked for submissions via Twitter through the #askbolt hashtag. Due to polarized opinions on the columnist, a lot of the content attached to the hashtag was negative and irrelevant. Through ScribbleLive’s moderation and social curation capabilities, The Courier Mail was able to engage their audiences on Twitter while still keeping the conversation meaningful and relevant.

The future of ScribbleLive and Twitter

ScribbleLive is a key component of many content and marketing strategies as an increasing number of brands and media realize the importance of real-time storytelling and engagement on their digital properties. Being a part of the Twitter Certified Products Program will ensure that ScribbleLive continues to be an excellent solution to improve your initiatives on Twitter.

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