ScribbleLive Spotlight: Bush Fires, Elephants and Riots

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Another week, another ScribbleLive Spotlight. The U.S. government has shuffled out the limelight for the time being but plenty of news has taken its place. This week’s post takes us around the world, from fires in Australia to choir boys in Germany to roadtripping Canadian elephants.

Bushfires Ravage New South Wales by ABC News

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Last week ferocious bushfires ignited in New South Wales, Australia, causing tremendous damage. The flames are still raging today. When covering a natural disaster in real-time, it’s important to establish your live event as a hub for all the relevant information surrounding the event; both for readers who are  interested in finding out the facts but also for those who are directly affected and want to access help. This is journalism at its most pure, as a service to the community. ABC News achieves both in their coverage of the fires, providing multimedia-rich content (mapsvideos and striking images) and essential information from official sources.

Follow the Elephants by CBC

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Following their previous elephant show and second screen event, CBC ran a Scribble event to accompany their new documentary charting the journey of Toronto Zoo’s elephants from Canada to their new home in California. People following the live event got behind-the-scenes access to the animals on their road trip and, since their arrival in the U.S. they have been able to watch videos of the elephants adapting to their new home. The Fifth Estate documentary will air later this week, and this slow drip feed of content is a fantastic way to build awareness and excitement before the show.

Demonstrations in Rome by La Stampa

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Last week, various groups of Italians gathered in Rome to protest against austerity, high unemployment and other grievances that are affecting the country. Italian media had been criticised for not reporting the demonstrations from the ground in a balanced manner, so La Stampa’s coverage comes as a breath of fresh air. Their reporters made fantastic use of the mobile app to record broadcast-style spots of the action, or lack of it. Their coverage provides the perfect antidote to inflammatory reports that are often exaggerated, as the reader gets the impression they are on the streets, soaking it all up. Excellent.

Bangladesh Clothing Industry Live Chat by Toronto Star

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After the collapse of the Rana Plaza, the Toronto Star decided to take ‘an in-depth look at the garment factory industry,’ and are now running a special series on it. Their reporter Raveena Aulakh went undercover as a ‘sewing helper’ and produced a couple of investigative pieces for the site which caused an unbelievable reaction among their readers. On the back of this success, they ran a live chat with Raveena, which is a fantastic way to give readers a deeper insight into the story. The journalist gets access to her audience, which allows her both to defend her story and receive praise directly. Have a story that’s causing a storm? Why not follow it up with a live chat with the journalist?

The Choir Tour by MittelBayerische

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Over the course of ten days, the world-famous Regensburger Chathedral Choir is touring around Germany and, guess what, they’ve decided to cover the tour in real-time. It is published on regional daily Mittelbayerische’s site, but it’s both the choir manager and the singers who are uploading photos and writing updates of their progress. The team from the daily are adding colour to the event with contextual posts and elements from social media. It’s a really nice touch that some of the user comments are from family members, glad for the coverage and happily keeping a watchful eyes on their young ones.

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