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We live in a time where every second counts and there’s only one chance at a first impression. But what if you could see how you appear to others and actually change your image, thereby making a second or even third impression. This seems impossible in our world of social media, right? Wrong.

Enter Vizify, the platform that builds your “personal website powered by your data.” It asks users to sign up, free of charge, with as many or as few social media tools as they want. It’s a tool that “creates a series of interactive infographics that show the best of you.” That’s to say that from there, Vizify highlights the best of a person’s social media presence. It gives that user insights into his or her tendencies on social media. Ever wondered what your Twitter connections look like? No problem. How about an animated portrait of your past activity on Twitter? You’ve got it.

The best part about Vizify? The graphical bio can be embedded to a live event.

How did I do this?

Please note that this embed function is part of a package of “premium features” that’s available for a fee of $120 annually (or $15 monthly). That package gives users access to more pages on their bio and to a greater variety of pages. The cost is not negligible, but Vizify works toward creating a community. As an indication, I emailed their premium support with a question and received a personal email within 12 minutes.

The platform saves time and it’s highly interactive and customizable. It empowers users to tell their story in their own way and helps those who are interested in it to establish themselves as brands or personalities. And it differentiates itself from, say, other digital portfolio tools, by bringing social media to life. It’s a resume, yes, but it’s mostly a resume of a person’s presence on social media.

And if you don’t like your first resume, then don’t worry. It’s only your first impression of Vizify and you can build one that fits your preference.

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