8 Kickstarter Projects You Don’t Want to Miss: Posters, Prints, Maps, Apps

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Kickstarter is an amazing tool that helps the best and brightest creative projects reach the masses. The site recently opened in Canada and will launch in Australia and New Zealand next month. And with over 118,000 projects since the site’s launch, Kickstarter has no shortage of killer products to check out and help fund. Finding the best ones is the tough part – and we’re here to help.We compiled a best of the best of projects in graphic design and technology. But act quick, they can only be funded in the next seven to 28 days. Check them out below. Have you seen any cool projects on Kickstarter that you think we should review? Let us know.

Graphic Design

1. Waveform – Bleep, Techno and Rave Silkscreen Prints

Creator: Alex Szabo-Haslam Status: 471% Funded (£800 goal), 14 days to go British graphic designer Alex Szabo-Haslam is a self-described “techno obsessive,” and his Waveform silkscreen posters combine striking visual design with classic techno and rave music. After analyzing the soundwaves of tracks from Aphex Twin, LFO and others, Szabo-Haslam used sonic visualizing software to map the tracks and redraw them as elegant abstract shapes. Learn more: szabohaslam.tumblr.com/ | @szabo_haslam  

2. Silidor Valley Map – of the Magical Realm We Live In

Creators: Tom and Catherine Thrush Status: 185% funded (2,000$ goal), 7 days to go From JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit to George RR Martin’s Game of Thrones, high fantasy is no longer limited to role playing games and cramped basements. Tom and Catherine Thrush’s Silidor Valley project re-envisions the Bay Area as a magical, enchanting fantasy world. Learn more: www.urbanrealms.com  

3. The Life Hack Poster

Creator: Alex Croft Status: 117% Funded ($600 goal), 13 days to go After spending a year discovering, testing, and vetting the greatest and most useful lifehacks, Alex Croft compiled the top 75 onto a 24×36 inch poster. In addition to the 75 hacks, the Life Hack poster includes conversion scales for measurement and weight, CPR and Heimlich maneuver guides, keyboard shortcuts, and more everyday tricks. Learn more: http://bitquill.com/home/2013/10/8/bqa-alex-croft-and-his-life-hacks-poster-kickstarter-project  

4. THIRTY81: A Poster Celebrating the Fields of Baseball

Creator: Lou Spirito Status: 190% Funded, 14 days to go Part of baseball’s charm and personality comes from the field itself. No one ballpark is exactly the same, from Fenway’s green monster to Wrigley’s bricks and ivy. Lou Spiriot’s THIRTY81 project puts all 30 parks onto the same poster, allowing fans to examine what makes each “cathedrals of baseball” its own gem. Learn more: http://louspirito.com/ | @louspirito  


5. Macaw: The Code-Savvy Web Design Tool

Creators: Macaw, Tom Giannattasio and Adam Christ Status: 246% Funded ($75,000 goal), 15 days to go With Macaw, designer Tom Giannattasio and developer Adam Christ combined forces to create a design product that fuses their areas of expertise. Macaw is a web design editor that creates beautiful graphic design images and automatically translates them into ready-to-use code. Learn more: macaw.co | @macawco  

6. castAR: the most versatile AR & VR system

Creators: Technical Illusions, Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson Status: 95% Funded ($400,000 goal), 28 days to go The castAR (“cast-ay-are”) system brings projected augmented reality, true virtual reality, and true augmented reality to the masses in a single device. Video projectors mounted on top of glasses casts a perspective view of a stereoscopic 3D image onto a  surface below. Clip-ons attach to the glasses for a true augmented or vitural reality experience. Learn morehttp://technicalillusions.com/ | @techillusions  

7. Spike: Laser Accurate Measurement & Modeling on Smartphones

Creator: Ike GPS Status: 139% Funded ($100,000 goal), 11 days to go All it takes is three simple steps – snap, measure, share – for the Ike GPS Spike to create laser-accurate 3D models from a single smartphone image. The smartphone attachment generates a wealth of geospatial data that can be used to create next-generation augmented reality applications. Learn more: www.ikegps.com/spike2/ | @ikeGPS  

8. SHADOW | Community of Dreamers

Creator: Hunter Lee Soik Status: 130% Funded ($50,000 goal), 16 days to go For one third of our lives, “our bodies are suspended and our unconscious minds are free from the limits of reality,” says Shadow creator Hunter Lee Soik. Soik’s app, Shadow, allows users to record, remember, and analyze dreams against a global database of app users. Learn more: http://discovershadow.com/ | https://twitter.com/hunterleesoik”>@hunterleesoik   Jon Salm is an associate client analyst at Millward Brown Digital in New York City and a freelance data journalist in the Visual.ly marketplace. He has a bachelor’s degree in English from Washington and Lee University. You can find him online at about.me/salm.jon and follow him on twitter @S4LM3R.


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