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Whether your fans count touchdowns, home runs or hat tricks, they have one thing in common: they’re passionate about their sport. And, chances are, if you provide them with richer content and better access to the action the action, they’ll take advantage of it. So why not run your next sports piece in real time?

If you need some tips or a refresher, we’ve got you covered: we offer classes on sports reporting, community engagement and live chats + Q&As, all of which tie into providing stellar reporting when your story goes into overtime.

Sports are full of the history, characters and drama that make for great always-on content. Here are some examples of some of our favourite sports events, broken down into different categories.

From the first pitch to the last swing

Create a second screen experience by providing play-by-play updates of a game.


Follows all the action from the weekend’s football game and includes analysis from pundits, photos, video highlights and reaction from social media. Want a similar slick look and feel for your pages? Take advantage of our open-source API project.

ESPN Cric Info

Cricket lends itself particularly well to real-time coverage – take note of the abundance of engaged conversation among fans and great use of Google Hangout and mobile video.

If you build a community, they will come

Sports fans love to analyse, hypothesise and, well, just chat. Invite them into the events and let their voices add colour to your stories.

Cardinals Spring Training

This is a great example of giving your readers behind-the-scenes access and letting them see the players in action. And by involving your readers, you can customize you coverage in accordance with the questions they ask and comments they make.

Irish Examiner’s Water Cooler

Round-up of the weekend’s action that features discussions between journalists and readers alike.

Live chats

You have the expertise, they want the knowledge. Close the gap between readers and journalists, open the lines of communication and let them pick your brains. Live chats with your journalists are a fantastic way to build a community within your sports department and drive engagement.


ESPN hosts a chat with experts for every NFL game. Yep, you read that correctly– every game. Why? Because their fans want this level of in-depth coverage. And chances are yours do, too.

Le Pariesen Chats

Weekly chat with sports journalists at Le Parisien. By hosting these at the same time every week, they’ve developed a loyal following and have generated consistent traffic for their site (which your editors and sales team will love).

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