Get selective: How to use Twitter auto-post filters

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You know, I think Twitter is a lot like dating: There’s so much out there, but you have to be selective in who you spend your time with—or who knows what kind of junk will filter into your life.

This can be no more true than when you’re automatically posting content from Twitter to your ScribbleLive events. It’s quick and easy to set up an event to automatically pull in tweets from specific users and/or hashtags and/or keywords. But what if you want to be more particular in the ones included in your event?

Enter auto-post filters.

Using auto-post filters, it’s easy to automatically keep out tweets that contain certain words and hashtags. Or, set up a filter to only include tweets that contain certain keywords. Or click the box to exclude all tweets that are ENTIRELY IN UPPERCASE BECAUSE NOBODY LIKES THAT. Or only include tweets that are in a certain language.

Check it out below.

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