ScribbleLive Spotlight: NFL Opening Day, New York Fashion Week and celebrities galore

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In these parts, Labour Day marks the unofficial end of summer, the back-to-school season, and – for millions of football fans – an anticipated return to a cherished Sunday routine. This week, ScribbleLive featured some great content from our friends at ESPN about all the games. Every. Single. NFL. Game. On opening day. Yes, you read that right.

NFL Nation Blitz by ESPN


ESPN liveblogged every game that took place on NFL opening day, pulled out highlights from their coverage of each game and recapped it in a beautifully-designed page using the ScribbleLive API. There’s really not much else I can say about this massive ESPN endeavour, other than sing its praises and encourage you to take a look at a primo example of real-time sports coverage.

New York Fashion Week by New York Daily News

NYDN Fashion Week

Open up the New York Daily News’ liveblog of New York Fashion Week, and you’ll feel as if you’re on the runway with a gorgeous runway video stream right up top. (Except for the part where you are strutting in giant shoes, trying not to fall, of course.) Each day features a rundown of the shows you can expect to see, so you can learn about Spring 2014’s hottest trends before anyone else.

Ironman Wisconsin

Ironman Wisconsin

Real-time updates from Ironman competitions are fantastic for competitors’ friends, family or those who are otherwise-fairweather athletes. This live coverage from Ironman Wisconsin that the organization put on featured a great use of video and easy-to-follow timestamps that let those of us at home on the couch can almost feel like we’re there. Almost.

Premier League transfer deadline day coverage by Fox Sports

Fox Sports transfer day

Twitter is a hot spot to solicit opinion—after all, you can engage with what, at times, seems like an endless audience. The public forum allows anyone to put their thoughts on the chat subject out to the Internet, but how do you turn these tweets into a coherent conversation? Fox Sports did just that, exemplifying top-notch curation with the best from social media all about football transfer deadline day.

Toronto International Film Festival Stargazing by the Toronto Star 

Toronto Star stagaze

Over the last few days, within a few-kilometre radius of ScribbleLive HQ, no shortage of black Escalades and other fancy cars can be seen parked outside upscale hotels. The Toronto International Film Festival (otherwise known as TIFF) has rolled in, and the stars have descended on our fair city. The Toronto Star is keeping it simple with this liveblog of celebrity sightings around town. This photo of Jesse Eisenberg, in particular, might be my favourite thus far.

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